Recap: White Sox 5, Angels 3 (7/23)

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Despite Shohei Ohtani's eighth home run of the season, the Angels couldn't find a way to hold onto the lead as they squandered the series opener to the White Sox. Following the loss, manager Mike Scioscia discussed what went wrong and what he saw out of his young starter Jaime Barria

MICHAEL SCIOSCIA: You know, I think leading up to the sixth, Jaime was getting a little bit tired. It wasn't so much a pitch count issue. But he hadn't been in there-- out there in the while.

And, you know, he just-- I think some-- he was up for most of the night, got away with it, made some good pitches to get out of some jams and minimize some damage. But, you know, when he started the sixth walk, walk, it was uncharacteristic of Jaime. And, you know, he went to the pin.

REPORTER: Yeah, a couple of box called tonight, the second one against Justin Anderson. He went out. What was the explanation from the umpire.

MICHAEL SCIOSCIA: Yeah, he just said he was bending his knee like he was going home throwing to first. Those are quite irregular calls. I don't know exactly-- we'll try to get some interpretation from the league exactly what was going on. But it's unusual. And, you know, we didn't think they were box.

REPORTER: You had a lot of opportunities, guys on base. Frustrating to not see them kind of come through with runners in scoring position?

MICHAEL SCIOSCIA: Yeah, we had-- we definitely had opportunities. You know, we couldn't get that big hit to break the game open earlier. And, you know, those guys, they worked their way out of some jams.

We used a lot of pitchers tonight, but they all came in and did a good job for those guys. And we just-- on the offensive end, we had chances. And we-- you know, obviously we didn't get that hit.