David Fletcher’s energy and baseball IQ separates him from the field

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David Fletcher made a major impact both hitting and in the field during his MLB debut and Jose Mota is very impressed with the rookie

- David Fletcher in the lineup, making his second start in his big league career. Boy, what a debut he had on Wednesday. You had a chance to call that game. Not only very good at the plate with three hits, but showing some instincts in the field as well.

- Those are the things that nowadays unfortunately, young players don't bring a whole lot of. They're being told to do so many things. There's almost, so programmed. But to see instinctive players, as I talked about Simmons. Just a gamer. Following the game. Look at this play here on the wide throw. Look at Fletcher, the cutoff man. All of a sudden, he goes, what am I going to do just standing there? Let me go out there and cover home plate.

The other look tells me Maldonado goes out of his way, but Fletcher has already the instinct and the ability and presence of mind to put that glove in front of home plate in case Segura did slide a a little bit higher, which was a case. Even though it was reviewed. Just an outstanding play that perhaps is going to follow him for hopefully the rest of his long career here in the big leagues. He brings energy immediately.

- Yeah, David Fletcher was telling Victor Rojas yesterday in that interview, his favorite player growing up, growing up in Orange was David Eckstein. David Eckstein would make that type of a play.

- Why not, right?

- Absolutely. Bringing that energy to the lineup.