Mike Scioscia on Andrelton Simmons going on DL: ‘it’s a freak injury’

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Andrelton Simmons was placed on the 10-day disabled list with a grade 2 ankle sprain Wednesday and Mike Scioscia was disappointed to see his star shortstop go down

- Important guy on our team. And we're gonna have to absorb it and continue to-- to play well. I think the way it happened is kind of, you know, tough to stomach. But it's-- it's just a freak injury. And hopefully, it won't be a lot of time.

REPORTER: Yeah real surprising. We're talking about a world class athlete and he was beat up this entire series. And then, of all things, that's what get him, show how tough he is. He went back out there and tried to play through that.

- Yeah, he did. But it's one thing if you're playing at a position where mobility's not important. And sometimes you can play with some nicks, but when you're playing shortstop, you're playing center field, you're playing range positions, you know-- and, you know, a catcher, you can play with a lot of that. But as a-- as a as a guy playing short stop, center field, you know, you need your fe-- your legs to feel good.

REPORTER: Yeah. Good news, his MRI was pretty clean.

- From what I've heard. So he's gonna need a little downtime. And we're just gonna take it day to day and see-- see how the improvement comes.