Gubie Tuesdays: Which Avenger are you?

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Mark Gubicza makes the Angels decide between good and evil and share which Avenger they would be for the day (don't worry, no spoilers here).

MARK GUBICZA: All right, Tyler. If you're going to be an Avenger for the day, who would that be?

TYLER SKAGGS: Probably Captain America.

GARRETT RICHARDS: Hands down Iron Man. I think Tony Stark's the best superhero there is.

ANDREW HEANEY: I'll be Thanos.

MARK GUBICZA: So you could crush all the Avengers then?

ANDREW HEANEY: Yeah, hell yeah.

MARK GUBICZA: That might be the best answer of all, he's a winner, winner, chicken dinner.


MARK GUBICZA: Thanks, Andrew. I appreciate it.

ANDREW HEANEY: Yup. Thank you.