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TMZ Sports talks Floyd Mayweather and his latest big-ticket purchase.

REPORTER: It's time. That's the name of this segment. It's called it's time because it's a story about a watch.

REPORTER 2: Wooh, it's time.

REPORTER 3: We're going to hear from [INAUDIBLE] Butler-- [INAUDIBLE]

REPORTER: Floyd Mayweather just bought the most expensive watch in the world. $18 million. It's called--


REPORTER: --the billionaire watch. It's a famous watch and he just bought it in Tokyo, Japan. He posted this video saying that's my new timepiece called the billionaire watch, if you don't know about it, Google it. We did Google it. It's made by a company called Jacob and Company. It was made it 2015.

REPORTER 3: It looks like a little chandelier.

REPORTER: There are 239 emerald-cut baguette diamond stones on this thing, each weighing three carats apiece. The watch is $18 million watch. There's only-- I mean this is the only one. It's the most expensive watch in the world and now it belongs to Floyd Money Mayweather according to Floyd.

REPORTER 2: Hi, couple things here. Number one, even the turn on the thing is a diamond, come on baby. My number one shout to Floyd, he's living his best life.


REPORTER 2: The watch is, you know, very expensive. It's an ugly watch.


REPORTER: You don't like the watch?

REPORTER 3: Really?

REPORTER 2: It's ugly. It's an ugly watch, doesn't look nice. It's just-- it's shout, first of all--

- I think it's stylish.

- Shout out to Floyd. Shout out to Floyd. You're doing you're thing, dawg.

- How are you going to-- you give him a shout out but then say the $18 million you just dropped on a watch is ugly?

- I don't think he bought the watch for-- for it to look good. I think he bought the watch to make a statement that he is crapping on all of these broke people, and that's true, and I'm one of them. It's just not a good looking watch man.

REPORTER: He hates it. He hates the watch.

REPORTER 2: I don't like it. It's too much, dawg.

REPORTER: It's too gaudy.

REPORTER 2: Yes! It's not for me man.

REPORTER: It's too gaudy for Floyd Mayweather?

REPORTER 2: Well, Floyd, I mean for Floyd it's not for Floyd. I guess Floyd needs that watch. Where else could it go?

REPORTER: I bet it looks really nice in person though.

REPORTER 2: It probably does. You probably can see it from space, dawg. You know what? Floyd is just going to be like iceman, just transform into one big diamond.

- I tried to read the description of the watch on the show, on TMZ on TV earlier, but I blew it. I'm going to try it again. This is how Jacob and Company describes the watch, you ready for this? A lot of rich people words here. As the tourbillon caliber brings dynamism to its bejewelled enclosure over the ballet of light of 260 carats of diamonds illuminates its exquisitely revealed heartbeat. That's the description from the watch company. What does that even mean.

- You think Floyd read that and,

- Shut up, Babcock.

- What do you think Floyd thought when he read that.

- Wow.

- He's not illiterate.

- Wow. Babcock. Wow.

REPORTER: Floyd Mayweather, Fifty Cent once accused Floyd Mayweather of being illiterate.

REPORTER 3: Right, not me.

REPORTER 2: That's crazy, Babcock. You talk about a black man like that.

- Yeah.

- Whoa, Babcock.

- Remember when Fifty Cent then said he'll donate $800,000 to charity if he reads one page.

REPORTER 2: Michael J. Racist Babcock down there.

REPORTER 3: He's like, screw the ice bucket challenge.

REPORTER: If Floyd Mayweather reads one page from a Harry Potter book he would donate $800,000 to charity.


- And he never did it.