Joel Klatt: This Notre Dame team is better than the one that went to the National Championship

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Joel Klatt talks Notre Dame Fighting Irish football with Colin Cowherd. Hear what both guys had to say about Brian Kelly's team on today's show.

- So I watched Notre Dame. Now, I predicted they would throttle Stanford. I got to tell you something-- Notre Dame fans hate me-- this is the best Notre Dame team-- it is the best Notre Dame team since Lou Holtz. I'm not joking.

- This is a better Notre Dame team than went to the national championship.

- Absolutely better. Not even close.

- And this is a serious contender for the playoffs. No question about it.

- By the way, Stanford's a good team. At the end of that game, they wore Stanford out.

- Yeah. And you can say-- listen, back-to-back road games against ranked opponents, Stanford was going to be wore out. But Notre Dame did that. Now, here's the one thing that-- the fact that Brian Kelly went to Ian Book is a huge, huge upgrade for them. Do you know in the first three games, they scored 70 total points, and in their last two, they've scored over 90. They're so much more explosive on offense because they can throw it.

- Watch Notre Dame's size up front. They look like Alabama. They look like Auburn. They look like Ohio State. They are big and physical.

- I'm concerned for them for one reason.


- Their leader up front, Alex Bars, is done for the season. He's a guard. He's a captain. He's played as a starter in parts of over the last three seasons.

COLIN COWHERD: A guard? You're worried about that?

- Well think about what this team is now. They're still a run first team. Dexter Williams, by the way, ran for over 160 yards in his first game back from a suspension. So they're for real. And here's the deal, the meat of their schedule, Colin, it's already over.


- It's over. So they've got three more road games. They're at Virginia Tech this weekend, a Virginia Tech team that had 600 yards put on them against Old Dominion. They've got them. They got Northwestern on the road, Southern Cal on the road. They've also got two neutral site games. This is an oddity now, two neutral site games. They're gonna play at Yankee Stadium against Syracuse. They're also going to play at Qualcomm down here in San Diego against Navy, which is a really interesting game. And then they've only got two home games remaining. But imminently winnable, that schedule.

- No. You and I are not fan boys for Notre Dame. Notre Dame fans hate me. I told a friend of mine, a USC fan, I said, they're going to throttle USC. They're going to come out of the coliseum and throttle them.

- Probably.

- When I watch them defensively, Michigan's got a good team. For that first half of that game, they were grabbing and throwing Michigan all over the field. And Michigan's a real football team. They're not great, but they're a good football team.

- This is a team that is significantly better than the offensive team that went to the BCS National Championship, and they're better on the defensive side as well. I fully agree with you. And now we have to start the conversation, at least in part, Colin, about which two conferences are going to get left out. Because Notre Dame, as an undefeated, is going. And then as a--

COLIN COWHERD: Oh, you're right. So Alabama's in. Notre Dame would be in. Ohio State had-- Well, Ohio State doesn't play Wisconsin, do they yet?

- No, they would face them potentially in a conference championship game.

- And I think they'd beat them. Just say this, Bama-- I know it's early, but in college, it's not. Once you get through the meatier schedule, it isn't that early. To me, what my eyes are telling me, the teams I've seen are Alabama, Oklahoma, Ohio State, and Notre Dame. I can live with that. That would be finally we'd get out of this Clemson/Bama thing. And I got to tell you something, when you watch Notre Dame play, watch them up front.

- Let's just put it to you this way.

- OK.

- If Notre Dame and Clemson both go undefeated, I'd take Notre Dame.

COLIN COWHERD: So would I. Better Schedule.

- Way better schedule.

COLIN COWHERD: Way better schedule. I'd take Notre Dame in a heartbeat.

- Notre Dame is looking really good. By the way, as an 11 and 1, they might get included, you know? So, I mean, they're in a great spot. They are a serious contender for the college--

- Can we get Brian Kelly on the show? I want to be nice to Notre Dame for a change, because I really like them.