Colin Cowherd already knows who is going No. 1 in next year’s NFL Draft

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Colin Cowherd talks NFL Draft on today's show. Find out which QB he knows will be the top pick next year.

- No way Justin Herbert is not going number one. Because just look at the numbers, folks. What's happening in the NFL is very clear. It used to be not long ago that first round quarterbacks were a 50/50 proposition. Half made it, half were busts. That's not happening anymore with these rules. Deshaun Watson can play. Patrick Mahomes can play. Baker can play. Darnold. Rosen, last week, made-- he had some drops. He can play. Josh Allen looks good enough to play. You don't have the bust rate. Lamar Jackson looked comfortable this past week.

So you move these quarterbacks out of college into the pros in the first round, the bust rate has plummeted with these new rules. That Justin Herbert's going to walk in this league and eat it up. He's going to have success. You can't pass on him. Giants and Cowboys telling you they love their guy. Um. When Oregon goes, you know, 9 and 2 and he throws for 3,000 yards, we'll see. Joy Taylor with the news.