Peter King provides an update on Andrew Luck’s Week 1 status

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Peter King discusses the NFL with Colin Cowherd on today’s show. King says the Colts are limited Luck’s reps, but he should be ready to play in Week 1.

- So I'm watching you talk to Andrew Locke. I defended Chris Ballard when he went heavy offensive line in the draft. But they just had a tackle retire. OK, it looks like when you watched him throw, Peter, you sat there, and you watched his eyes. And you watch him, you can see if he grimaces. Like, what did you see? Did he look like he was in pain?

- Not at all, Colin. He looked like a-- you would never have known he was hurt if you just watched that practice and didn't know his history and didn't know that he hadn't played the game in 19 months. But he looked absolutely normal. I think the biggest thing for him is how he's being managed.

You know, normally in an average football practice in the summer, a quarterback's going to throw 100 balls. That includes serious warm up throws and things. And he threw 68. And so they're documenting every throw he makes. And Frank Wright, the coach, told me they want him in every practice that he throws to throw between 65 and 70 balls.

And they were right on it that day. But the one other thing is, look, he's probably not going to feel perfect on opening day in five weeks. But I do think-- I mean, there's no question in my mind he'll play opening day. And barring anything structural going wrong, he should play 16 games.