Colin Cowherd reacts to President Donald Trump’s ‘unprovoked’ tweet about LeBron James

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Colin Cowherd talks LeBron James and Donald Trump. Hear what he had to say about the intersection of sports and politics on today's show.

- For the last several years, you have told me, stick to sports. And I listened to you, because you are my affiliates, my advertisers, and my audience. And I've always said, you drive the bus. You tell me to stick to sports. The network I used to work at, they don't stick to sports. They talk a lot of politics, but I don't. I don't. And I don't because I've been listening. But what happens when you're trying to stick to sports and not talk politics, and politics doesn't stick to politics and jumps into sports?

We have an acting president who attacked a superstar this weekend, a superstar, LeBron, who had just opened a school. LeBron is doing as well as you could expect anybody to do as a superstar athlete elevating himself and others. I'm sticking to sports, but our president's not sticking to politics. He's attacking NBA players unprovoked. He's attacking NFL players. He's attacking owners and commissioners.

My job is to stick to sports, but our president has become secondhand smoke. I just want to eat dinner and go to bed. I don't want emphysema. But I'm getting it. When I'm driving down the freeway and somebody keeps swerving into my lane, hitting me, I'm trying to stick to my lane and get home safely. And then I get home, and my wife says, why is there two dents in the car? And I said, I tried to stick in my lane, but the guy next to me kept swerving into my lane. I'm trying to stay in my lane.

I'm trying to eat dinner and go to bed without emphysema. But I got secondhand smoke. I got secondhand smoke. I got a president swerving into sports. I like when my presidents pick a Final Four. I like when my presidents pick a Super Bowl winner. I like it. I think it's cool that presidents are aware of the World Series. That's the world I live in. But I don't think it's cool when presidents, unprovoked, attack superstars, especially in the same week that, in their hometown, they open a school. Everybody wants guys like me to stick to sports.

I'm trying. I really am. I'm listening. But politics isn't sticking to politics. And the most powerful voice in America is attacking athletes, making it impossible for me not to address it. I didn't like it. I've never liked it. I have no problem with presidents, senators, and governors picking a March Madness bracket. I do have a problem when they, unprovoked, attack great athletes who have kicked butt for the last 15 years, giving back. I'll go back now to our regularly scheduled sticking to sports.