Chris Broussard weighs in on Paul George leaving the OKC Thunder to potentially join LeBron on Lakers

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Joining Colin Cowherd and Joy Taylor in studio on The Herd, Chris Broussard weighs in on Paul George leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Los Angeles Lakers, revealing why he would potentially want to be the 2nd or 3rd option if LeBron and Kawhi also go to Lakers.

- So when you read the story, Broussard, I want your sources on this-- mom, wife, they're pushing you right to LA, but I can get a little more guaranteed money at OKC.

- I was talking to someone yesterday about this. And there are-- you know, Paul George is from this area. So there are a lot of people here who know him.


- And they insist he's going to be a Laker. He's going to be a Laker.

COLIN COWHERD: I was told that six weeks ago. When the regular season ended, I was told by somebody I trust, yeah, it's a Laker thing.

- Yeah, I mean, that's what everybody, you know, to him seems to be saying. Now, again, he's the second guy in Oklahoma City. If he comes here with Kawhi and LeBron--

COLIN COWHERD: Very interesting.

- He's the third guy.

COLIN COWHERD: But by the way, are we sure he doesn't like that? He-- and I--

CHRIS BROUSSARD: The third-- being the third guy?

COLIN COWHERD: Let me just throw this out there. I like Paul George a lot. He's not as good as LeBron. And I would say, when Kawhi is healthy, he's just a little below Kawhi. Paul has not been a player. Again, he's not wildly verbal. He's not been great in crisis. He's not. In playoffs, you're like, uh.

I think Paul comes here and thinks, I get my money and I don't have to be that-- if we lose, it's not all on me. It's going to be LeBron's team. I think he would be incredibly comfortable on a lot of nights being a second, third option and OK with it.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Certainly, second option. Third option is a little different. But that's not bad. You know, Chris Bosh was a third option. And it's going to help get him into the Hall of Fame.

COLIN COWHERD: And he won two rings and he going to--

- And he won two rings, so--

COLIN COWHERD: --100 million bucks. And he's going to--

- Yeah, and look. I think the smart money is on George coming to the Lakers. Let's just play the game, though, that he stays in Oklahoma City. Now, it really gets interesting. Because if the Spurs don't trade Kawhi to the Lakers soon, does LeBron come here by himself and just hope that they can pull off a trade for Kawhi or wait until the summer-- you know, come here and then have one season with these young kids and then wait in 2019 and hope they get another free agent?

I mean, if Paul George stays in Oklahoma City, it changes everything, potentially. It really does. I think LeBron is coming here, but it could really get interesting.

- You said that with a smile, almost like you're rooting for utter chaos for LeBron. Are you one of these I-love-LeBron-but guys?

- No, no!

- The gridlock.

- No, I'm just not a guy that like, I got to see LeBron with the Lakers. I mean, wherever he goes, I'm fine with, but I think it's going to be the Lakers. But I just haven't been pushed in the LeBronzo. Like, is it LeBronzo now? Or is it--

COLIN COWHERD: First of all, I was not--

- It's not Bronzo, now. It's just lake-- the Lakers.

- It was not pushing it. It was just a moment of brilliance that popped into my head, and we thought we'd go with it.