Doug Gottlieb destroys the idea that LeBron James is going to the Spurs

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Doug Gottlieb talks LeBron James and his future in the NBA. Find out why he thinks that going to San Antonio is not in The King's future.

- I hear people say, you know where he should go, you know where LeBron should go-- San Antonio. Now, the part that people don't-- the reason people don't want to take San Antonio seriously is it's not a major market. He doesn't own a home in San Antonio, if it's off the beaten path. To which 21st century folks are like Russell Westbrook's pretty big. He's in Oklahoma City.

The San Antonio guys could be bigger, they're just personalities weren't bigger. It has nothing to do with-- location is nothing. He's in Cleveland now, and he is not only a billionaire, but he's in every market in the country. He's on TV commercials. Market size doesn't matter because the league is on TV. You have social media that goes everywhere. This is a global sport. He's actually kind of a global icon. Doesn't matter where he goes. That's fine.

But he's not going to play for Gregg Popovich. The second you say LeBron James could go to San Antonio, if I had a hearing aid, and to this point, 15 years of national radio, I'm like the only guy to not have hearing issues. I'm sure that day is coming. I was talking to Colin last night, and I was shouting, as if he was in the artillery in the Navy. I'm like, Colin, where are you? I got you-- but I don't have hearing issues.

But if I did, I would click my hearing aid off the second you say San Antonio. Do you know why? Do you know what the mantra of the coaching staff, specifically of Gregg Popovich, is in San Antonio? Wait for it-- get over yourself. Get over yourself, get over yourself. I love this quote from Pop-- one time, he said, I asked him if it wasn't too much trouble, if I wasn't being too pushy, if they could execute what we were trying to do.

And if it doesn't make them too angry, if they also wanted to play some defense on the other end that would be great. He is a get over yourself sort of guy. And LeBron James is a lot of things. He's a much better shooter than he has been previously in his career. He can play virtually any position. He can guard, maybe not perfectly, but he is a jack of all trades guarding most every position. He's a tremendous passer, he's a good rebounder. Score a little bit of at the post, score a little bit outside, do a little bit of everything.

But do you know what he is not, and has never been, and never will be? He ain't over himself. When you're the king, you don't get over yourself. When you conduct daily press conferences, and give the update on your team, and say, you know, I haven't played with an all-star in a while-- he just-- he's the-- the ability to be passive aggressive is helped by the fact that you can do it when you're not over yourself, when you understand that your words carry weight.

I'm not saying LeBron James won't leave. I'm not saying that he won't go to Houston. It's a possibility. I'll bite for a second. Sure, they'd have to shed themselves of all the ancillary parts that make Houston Houston, but I'll at least go OK. I'll offer up that the 76ers are a possibility. Do I think ultimately he'd be miserable in Philadelphia?

Yeah, I think end of your career, you'd be miserable in Philadelphia. But they are surrounded with young stars, and he likes playing with young guys because they make him feel like the star that he knows that he is. Same thing would happen in LA, right? People don't just like being self-aggrandizing, they like others to bow and tell them how great they are. That's why they have that Gucci row, or the Jack Nicholson seats.

I don't know if you saw the NBA game when they played the Cavs, Jack was coming in, and I think it was Jeff Van Gundy said, like, wait, Jack has to show his ticket? yeah, because that's actually the attitude that people like Jack and others have in LA. That's the attitude that LeBron has, like I don't have to show my ticket. Actually, yes, you do. Do you have a ticket?

Because people in LA are a lot of things, over themselves, they are not. San Antonio, over themselves. So the second I hear, the second that I hear, hey, man, he can go to San Antonio. He can't take coaching from Tyronn Lue, saying that wasn't a good shot. Have you ever thought of how Gregg Popovich might relay what he thinks of shot selection?

Forget about the fact that his boys can't hang around, that they can't fly the team plane, they can't sit in front row unless they buy the tickets, that all the stuff that he has set up in Cleveland he can't carry with him to San Antonio. Forget about all that stuff. LeBron James has not been, will not be over himself. That ain't how he rolls. So the second you say, hey, man, he can go to San Antonio, I stop listening to you, I stop listening to you.