Colin Cowherd on why the Rams losing Sammy Watkins to Chiefs sounds like a bigger deal than it is

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Colin Cowherd explains why the Los Angeles Rams losing Sammy Watkins to the Kansas City Chiefs (he signed a 3-year/$48M contract) sounds like a much bigger deal than it actually is.

COLIN COWHERD: So the Rams lost wide receiver Sammy Watkins. He's going to sign with Kansas City on a three year deal. Now I have always said that wide receivers are the icing not the cake. The cake is the coach, the quarterback, the O-line, pass rusher. That's what wins games in the NFL.

The further a wide receiver gets out the deeper the route he throws or runs he is icing on the cake. He's fun, he's tasty, it makes the cake better, potentially, but in the end you can have a cake without icing. If you just eat icing you'll get sick.

If you look at the recipe for the Rams success for their cake last year I would say these in order are the nine things that mattered most-- Sean McVay, the coach's brain, Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, left tackle, Andrew Whitworth, Robert Woods, John Sullivan, the center, Cooper Kupp, and Sammy Watkins, number nine. By the way I'm not going to mention the kicker for the Rams Pro Bowler, punter for the Rams Pro Bowler, return guy the Rams Pro Bowler, valuable but Sammy Watkins, and again, he's talented has also been known as fairly high maintenance. Sean McVay on more than one occasion had to take him into a film room and say, listen, this is why you didn't get more targets.

Remember, Robert Woods had five catches in eight of the 13 games. In four games Sammy Watkins had under two catches. There were games in which he was invisible.

So this may work for Kansas City. Patrick Mahomes the new quarterback reportedly a world class arm. Watkins is a deep threat.

I would make the argument that Sammy Watkins is not just icing on a cake, he may be the candle. Which is not even edible. And that you eventually throw away. This is one of these deals in the NFL that sounds huge. Sammy Watkins leaves the Rams.

But if you watched the Rams last year the influencers were the brain of McVay, Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, and Whitworth, the left tackle. After that it was Robert Woods, John Sullivan, and Cooper Kupp. Sammy's a nice player. He's a nice addition, he can go over the top.

But this goes back to something I've strongly believed the best athletes in the NFL play on the perimeter. And they're fun, and they're flashy, and they're home run threats. You build in this league from the center out, not the sideline in. Watkins to the Chiefs sounds bigger than it actually is.