Kenyon Martin discusses why LeBron should stay with Cavs, Lonzo Ball’s trajectory for the Lakers

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Joining Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy on The Herd, Kenyon Martin discusses why LeBron James should stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Lonzo Ball's trajectory on the Los Angeles Lakers. Do you agree with K-Mart?

- I just want to get to two things. Real things, number one is, what do you think of my LeBron takes, retires to the trading deadline.

- I think you're out of your mind.

- Why?

- Why walk away? If you walk away, it's over. What are you going to relax from? What are you going to go do?

- Watch the sunset, take walks.

- You can do that and still not worry about the game of basketball anymore.

- Why should I have to give Cleveland another year if the best you can give me is Larry Nance Jr.?

- I just think he rides it out. I think if the Cleveland Cavaliers do anything that you ask of them and tell them to do, why would you go anywhere? Why would you walk away?

- Because all the guys, these guys are going to, he's the Pied Piper, you're saying. They love LeBron.

- He's their golden child. He brought a championship there when they, in this city that desperately needed something by sports-wise.

- So you're basically saying if I'm LeBron, nobody's ever going to treat you better than Cleveland.

- Yeah, everybody is going to woo you, everybody is going to throw money at you, everybody is going to do this. But in your heart, where is your heart, where's your loyalty. Loyal to the city, loyal to the fans, eventually.

I'm saying you have to look at stuff like that. And I just don't think, he doesn't need LA, he doesn't need Philly, he doesn't need New York. Wherever he might go, he doesn't need those places to win. He can win where he is and he's proven that. And the teams are willing, the Cleveland Cavaliers are willing to do whatever.

- So you can't walk away from that.

- I don't think he can. Why would you? Like you'll be crazy to. Michael Jordan walked away because on a high note, I'm a champion, right? Twice, right, it don't get no better, I done three-peat twice. I'm at the pinnacle. I can go do some different. I can go own the Wizards. OK I'm getting the itch again. I'm sitting around and every day I'm getting the itch.

- And then he went to the Wizards and the team was never any good.

- They wasn't any good before he got then. So it wasn't like he went into a situation where they were young and up and coming and he was still in his prime.

LeBron James is 15 years in. If he walks away now, and like you say, he sits out for six months to a year, or whatever it is. And you still have to go try to get in shape again, basketball shape, and you mention Phil Jackson. Phil Jackson, he wasn't looking to go play again. He just had to decompress from the stress. He didn't have from the plan, and the getting in shape and all that. I just can't see him walking away, it makes no sense for him to at this point.

- All right let me shift to this. Everybody likes to be right, but when they're wrong, people disappear. And everybody had Lonzo Ball after the first month as a bust. The Lakers are now 7-0 in the last seven games he's played for them. He's like a 10, 7, and 7 guy. Kenyon, I'm sorry, but he's the point guard of the future.

I mean, I look at him and I'm like, I'm not saying he's going to be Magic, but you played in this league, I think the kid can play.

- Everybody was quick to write him off first two months of the season. Cause it's this microwave society where everything is now, it has to be fast. He has to come out an average a triple double. He has to come out and 20/10 every night.

Like, no, he's not the best shooter. We know that. It takes time to develop that, he's going to work at it, he's going to continue to get better at it. He's an unselfish basketball player, great talent, hell of a athlete.

- He was the best guy on the floor last night.

- And he had other distractions, other things going on the first two months of the season where he couldn't get over it. His pops, his brother and them getting in trouble. A lot that was going on too with all this pressure on every shot I take. There's a lot going on to it.

He gets hurt, gets back, get to decompress, get away from it for a few games. Come back, I am ready now. And he's playing better, and that's what it is. He got over, maybe the rookie wall was part of it, I don't know. But he's talented, he didn't get picked the second pick in the draft for nothing.

Like that my thing, he's a talent and people was so quick to expect him to be J Kidd in year seven. Like, no, give the kid four or five years and then see what he is. Then you could critique him and say what he is or what he isn't at this point.

- Think about this, think how great Kobe Bryant was. He averaged seven points a game his rookie year and he was only one year younger than Lonzo Ball. And Kobe's one of the great offensive players in the last 75 years of this league.

- In the history of this game, period.

- And he was, in fact, even in Kobe's second year, he was incredibly raw.

- And it takes time. And he's getting more valuable playing time than probably Kobe did as a rookie. Kobe didn't get that much playing time. He's on the court, getting experience with the ball in his hand making plays. And they got young guys around him, making trades, and trying to get pieces to fit what he does well, which I get.

But it is all these critics and people that's never played the game has something to say on how well he was playing.

- He was, last night as they beat Miami, he, Luke Walton, said afterwards he was the best player on the floor. He had six steals. He was a really good player.

- He is a good player. He's a good player but when there's that much pressure and people expect you to be--

- He's a Laker. His dad.

- It's a lot, lot going on to it. Like I've been saying for a long time, let whether he can play or not be the narrative. And right now, he's developing to making that be the narrative.