Colin agrees with the NBA’s handling of the Zaza-Westbrook incident

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Colin Cowherd offers up his opinion on the NBA and Adam Silver after it was decided that Zaza Pachulia would not be punished for his incident with Russell Westbrook.

- Well, it's nice to know there are two smart people left on the planet-- NBA commissioner Adam Silver and myself. Neither of us believed that Zaza Pachulia should be suspended or face a fine. And yesterday the NBA made its ruling-- Zaza will not be suspended and will not face a fine. I thought everybody overreacted to this.

But here's what was interesting about the play where the bodies got tangled. Zaza fell on Westbrook, Westbrook winced, Zaza was clumsy, and people went nuts. In football, as fans and consumers-- I include myself in that-- we demand multiple angles. We want to see every angle, then we want a ruling.

In basketball, most of you weren't willing to look at a second angle. Lookee here-- Nick Young's foot on the back of Zaza's leg. Now, you can say, Colin, Colin, that wouldn't pull him down. But you know what that is in court, folks? That piece of video is the same in the NFL-- it's called reasonable doubt.

That's why in the NFL, when they call a play on the field, you have to have-- they don't want to overturn it-- you have to have clear evidence that the call was wrong. But the NBA went to the back angle. And though you can certainly make a valid argument, and you're probably right, that Nick Young's foot didn't pull down Zaza. But it should be noted that Zaza fell on his own teammate last year, Kevin Durant, and hurt him for multiple games. Zaza is a clumsy 7-footer, and that second angle was reasonable doubt.

Why is it, as a consumer base, we demand-- demand multiple angles, but you weren't willing to give a second one with Zaza a look? Zaza felt his own teammate last year. Calling it was intentional. So was every one of Bill Laimbeer's shots.

The replays that leagues use for fines and suspensions-- remember, on the court nothing was called, it was a bunch of bodies. To overturn that, you are going to have to have no reasonable doubt. And that foot on the back of the neck-- we could freeze that-- you can freeze that picture-- that's the piece of clear evidence that got Zaza off the hook.

You don't have to like it. You don't have to agree with me. You can think it's baloney. You don't have to buy into the dirty Zaza-- I get it. But in football, you demand we use that. In basketball, you didn't want any part of it. That's what both the NFL and the NBA use-- that piece of video, as they should-- reasonable doubt.