Colin Cowherd on why Patriots owner Robert Kraft was able to ‘flip’ Josh McDaniels

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Colin Cowherd talks Josh McDaniels. Hear his thoughts on the New England Patriots assistant backing out of the Indianapolis Colts head coaching job last night.

- Here we are today, Christine. Here's the story. Josh McDaniels has been Bill Belichick's right-hand man, his most trusted assistant, and the Colts were going to pry him away. And then yesterday Bob Kraft and the Patriots flipped him.

Now, it's interesting. It's ironic. Maybe it's coincidental. Today is the day in America-- it's National Letter of Recruits Signing Day. This is the day when all the colleges finalize their commitments to players. And what will happen about 15 to 20 times today, maybe 30-- a player will get what they call "flipped."

He says, I'm going to be a Wolverine. I'm going to play for Harbaugh. And at the last second, he flips and goes to Penn State.

I'm going to be a Trojan. I'm going to be a Trojan. Last second, he flips to Oklahoma. It's called flipping.

The NFL, yesterday-- Bob Kraft flipped Josh McDaniels. He had verbally committed, like all those high schoolers, to Indianapolis. And Bob Kraft came in.

And you know what he sold him? Their owner's crazy. I'm not. Their quarterback, Andrew Luck, has a bad shoulder. Ours is the greatest of all time.

Their organization, outside of Peyton Manning, chaos. Ours-- stability. They don't know how good they'll be next year. Us-- we'll be back in the AFC championship at minimum. They flipped him.

Colin, Josh McDaniels is a jerk! Now, we think this is sinister, and we think it's evil. But he's 41 years old. Got a couple of daughters, wife, maybe just got cold feet. Maybe we're jumping to conclusions.

Maybe, like a lot of people in America, he gets recruited, says, I want to go someplace, and then his boss comes back in and sweetens the pot and says, I'll give you a little less of this, a little more of that. I'll give you a better office. I'll give you more responsibility. I'll give you a little of this.

That's the same thing happening in America over the last 24 hours. Urban Meyer's on the phone. I promise you, you will be able to compete for a starting job. And we have a better program. And we have less chaos. And we have a better coordinator. And we're going to win the Big 10. And flip.

That's what happened. It's a flip. Colin, this guy's still a jerk! Indianapolis, you had a real nice guy, Chuck Pagano. How did that work? All the great coaches that I've been saying for 15 years on radio-- the great ones all have some jerk in them.

Belichick's got some jerk. Sean Payton's got some jerk. Nick Saban's got some jerk. Harbaugh's got some jerk. Nice guys, at least in coaching-- Chuck Pagano, Wade Phillips-- they get run over.

This morning, Bob Kraft is really happy. He's never gotten over Deflategate. Remember, the Colts turned New England in.

And so he's sitting there and he's thinking to myself, I'm 75 years old, man. How many years on the planet? I'm never going to get a quarterback as good as Tom Brady. I'm never going to get a coach as good as Belichick.

Why not overpay? Why not stick it to Indianapolis? And it's National Letter of Intent Day, so I'm going to flip him.

And Kraft sat Josh McDaniels down, and he said, kid, you're family. Their owner? Impulsive. Their quarterback? Who knows?

Stability, rings, Brady, Belichick. Maybe promised him the next head coaching job. People are denying that this morning. But don't we all kind of know when Bob Kraft sat down with Josh McDaniels, Bob Kraft probably said something like, Bill's not going to be here forever.

That's the same thing that college football coach Urban Meyer says today. That great linebacker-- he's not going to be here forever. You don't have to make promises. They're unspoken.

Bill's almost 70, Josh. He's not going to be here forever. All that was-- and I know Indianapolis is ticked-- on National Letter of Intent Day, Bob Kraft flipped the best coordinator in football.