Colin Cowherd: ‘Nick Foles is either a great backup or a marginal starting QB’

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Colin Cowherd questions whether Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles can carry a team with a subpar supporting cast. "Carson Wentz is the now, is the future... Nick Foles had a great month."

- By the way, a lot of people are saying this morning, oh my god, Carson Wentz, I don't know. Nick Foles-- I think Nick Foles is the future. Stop right there. We have seen multiple times in the last several years where we fall in love with Tebow, Mark Sanchez gets to an AFC Championship, Kirk Cousins 5,000 yards, Blake Bortles never lost a start without an interception, Case Keenum MVP talk-- Nick Foles is either a great backup or a marginal starting quarterback.

There's two things you should always ask yourself if you want to build a team around a player-- a quarterback. Number one, can he take the physical beating for over a decade-- Colt McCoy, no, Cody Kessler, no, Johnny Manziel, no. That's why I said no on all of them, and I was right on all of them.

You can't build your program around a 215 pound guy, a slight guy, small shoulders, 200 pounds, 5' 11" in the NFL. It's why I doubt Baker Mayfield long term. That's the first thing you've got to ask. Now, Nick Foles looks OK to me, a little spindly, but he's OK physically.

The second thing you want to ask is, not when he wins games when everything is perfect-- the great O-line, the offensive-minded coach, the great running game, the great defense to keep the games close-- can he carry you in those years when your defense is injury-riddled, when you've got a bad coordinator? When you have no running game? That's what Brees can do, and Brady can do, and Rodgers can do. Hell, Rodgers has been carrying Green Bay for a decade. And they rarely had a great running game.

Remember this. For all you that say, what is Philadelphia going to do? They're going to keep Nick Foles for one more year as Carson Wentz gets healthy, and then they're going to say bye, Nick Foles. And that's exactly--

He's Blake Bortles. He's Kirk Cousins. He's Case Keenum. He's, you know, Mark Sanchez. He-- there are-- Mark Sanchez got to AFC championships, beat Tom Brady in New England. There are guys-- when you have a great O-line, and a running game, and momentum, and you're healthy, and a great defense, and-- they don't ask a ton of you.

Yeah, he was great yesterday. He never got pressured. Yeah, he was good against Minnesota. He didn't get pressured as much. And everything's perfect with Doug Pederson.

Never forget, the teams that need a quarterback-- Jets, Bills, Arizona, Denver-- what do they have in common? Defensive head coaches. What do the Eagles have? A tremendously creative offensive staff.

Ask yourself this, if you're into Nick Foles, let's say Arizona needs a quarterback-- and they do-- so you go get Nick Foles. Now, think about this. So, in the division, you'll have Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson. Russell's going to be a Hall of Famer.

You're going to have Jared Goff and Sean McVay. You're going to have Jimmy Garoppolo and Kyle Shanahan. And Arizona's going to have the next 10 years, Nick Foles and defensive coach, rookie head coach Steve Wilks. Hey, player, how much you want to put on that?

How about Denver in the AFC? Yeah, Denver, spend a fortune on Nick Foles. All right, let's play it out-- Jon Gruden and Derek Carr. Philip Rivers, Hall of Fame quarterback, Andy Reid, one of the two guys in the NFL-- Andy Reid scores 40 points on Bill Belichick, or his protege does-- he's pretty good offensively-- Patrick Mahomes-- or Denver's head coach, who many thought would get fired, and Nick Foles for 10 years.

You can talk yourself into Nick Foles. He is Case Keenum. He is Mark Sanchez. He is-- you know, he is that guy-- Kirk Cousins when the offensive line was healthy, with Jay Gruden, with DeSean Jackson, and Pierre Garcon, and Jordan Reed was healthy, and two running backs-- yes. You can even win a Super Bowl game if you don't face a pass rush.

Carson Wentz is the now, is the future, is going to be the-- Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz are going to be together, hopefully, for over a decade. Nick Foles had a great month. That is awesome.

I love the kid. I'd keep him for a year as Carson Wentz gets healthy, but let's not exaggerate here. Let's not go crazy here.