Colin reveals why LeBron’s camp would leak story about The King leaving the Cavs for the Warriors

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Reflecting on the report that LeBron James is open to the notion of leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to go to the Golden State Warriors, Colin Cowherd reveals why he believes this was all a disruptive stunt by The King's camp.

COLIN COWHERD: So let me address the story, which is the story today which has broken. Which is sources. So let's start with that. Somebody's sources. The Warriors could set up talks with LeBron James if the max deal is available. If the Warriors can create a max salary slot this offseason, they could position themselves to secure a meeting with LeBron, league sources told ESPN. There is no indication, it says, Golden State's evaluating such options to acquire the Cavs star. A sign and trade scenario would be the most realistic way for the Warriors to get him. They could build an offer around Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala, according to a source.

To make a sign and trade possible, Golden State would need Kevin Durant to decline his player option, and take even less than his current annual salary. Well stories get out when somebody wants them out. Why in the world would the Warriors leak this story? They didn't. This is LeBron's camp leaking the story. I don't know who. They would deny it. But there is no reason that Golden State, the best team in the league, would leak a story like that to tick off Klay Thompson and disrupt what is going to be a very, kind of, pedestrian drive to the NBA finals and another championship.

This deal, by the way, only works if Kevin Durant and Steph Curry agreed to it, and why would they. Number one, they don't need him. This is the only NBA team that doesn't need LeBron James. And two, this feels like a party that LeBron wasn't invited to in the Bay Area, and he's crashing. Listen Justin Bieber, if he walked into most parties, would make it very exciting, right. The one party he wouldn't be needed, a Kardashians party, so they probably wouldn't invite him. Golden State doesn't need LeBron. And Lebron and his camp are letting this go for two or three reasons that I can think of.

Number one, Cleveland's a mess. This makes him relevant. Number two, to get into Golden State's head. Get that stuff swimming around. And number three, Lebron's owner can read it. The owner of the Warriors can read it. And again, it just kind of stuff that ignites conversations. And maybe down the road this thing happens. That's what it feels like to me. But let's be honest here. Stories get out when somebody wants them out. Golden State has no reason for this story to break. It is somebody on the LeBron side, and the reasons appear fairly obvious.

He wants people talking about him, or talking about stuff, and talking about the Warriors. And he just plants a seed in the Warriors owner, Steve Kerr. Bob Myers the GM, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant head. I think the chances of this are highly unlikely. It's ring chasing to an extreme position. And Steph and KD frankly didn't invite him to the party.