Colin Cowherd details how internal conflict is going to help the Cavaliers

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Colin Cowherd talks LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Find out why Colin thinks conflict is good for 'The King' and his squad.

COLIN COWHERD: So yesterday-- I've told you before, I am pro-conflict. I don't think you should let things fester. It doesn't matter if you're talking about your work, it doesn't matter if you're talking about your kids, or whatever. Don't let stuff fester. Like, let's get it out, let's argue, let's scream at each other. [PHEW] Hurt feelings for an hour, but just get stuff to the surface.

And so yesterday, apparently the Cleveland Cavaliers in their practice facility yesterday had this really loud shouting meeting. And the players think Kevin Love's not being honest with them, and he missed a game, and he missed a practice. And he said he was sick and the players like, didn't buy into it. And they were yelling and screaming. And then Kevin Love said, this is why I missed the game, and this is why I missed practice.

But here's what's funny about this situation. Everybody is looking at Cleveland and LeBron and they're going, wow, this is a crisis. Cleveland's 27 and 18, seventh best record in the NBA. Three time defending Eastern Conference championship. Is that a crisis or is it standards?

This is why Brady screams at his offensive coordinator, and the cameraman Sunday, and his teammates at the end of the second quarter. Did you see it on TV? It's called standards.

LeBron James creates conflict in January right before the trading deadline. He wants to win, a championship or bust. Certainly, at least win the Eastern Conference. And he sees problems. So there's conflict. Again, meetings, yelling, screaming-- this is how you resolve stuff.

Like, the standards are different for Brady. He's in an eighth Super Bowl. The standards are different for LeBron. He's been to seven straight finals.

Lebron's problems are probably a lot like a billionaire's problems, though I don't know any billionaires. But I imagine they complain about stuff like, my second private jet is not available this weekend for Aspen. Or, my $27,000 a month landscaping bill hasn't come yet.

Brady's standards and LeBron's standards-- you view it as a crisis. I view it as crisis resolution. Arguing, conflict, team meetings, calling people out.

You can Google "Steve Jobs jerk." There's a lot of articles. When you're trying to change the world, this is sort of the way it happens. You become a little bit of a pain in the butt, because it's not good enough to be 27 and 18. It's not good enough just to win the East. It's not good enough to have the seventh best record.

Tom Brady walked out of the tunnel Sunday and screamed at a camera guy. He didn't want the camera guy to hit his injured right hand. Then he screamed at a coach and he screamed at teammates.

Listen, they've both built up equity, LeBron and Brady. That team meeting is exactly what you should do if you're trying to change the world in which you live. It's not a crisis. It's crisis resolution.

I love that story. It gives me more confidence Cleveland will figure it out, whether it's the front office or the owner making a trade or is the players committing on the defensive end.