Doug Gottlieb questions if Dak Prescott is ‘capable of a more creative playbook’ for the Dallas Cowboys

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Reflecting on a report that players in the Dallas Cowboys' locker room are tired of having what they deem as a predictable playbook where opposing teams know exactly what they are going to do on offense, Doug Gottlieb questions if Dak Prescott is even 'capable of a more creative playbook.'

DOUG GOTTLIEB: This came out from Jane Slater. Jane Slater covers the Dallas Cowboys for the NFL Network. Here's what she tweeted, quote, I've talked to a number of Cowboy players in recent days, and there's zero infighting or drama in this locker room. The issue of several players is the predictable playbook. Opposing teams know exactly where the ball is going. So that seems, that seems on the surface like an indictment of Scott Linehan, the offensive coordinator, and Jason Garrett, former defense coordinator, former quarterback coach, former quarterback with the Cowboys, who's now the head coach. That's what it would seem.

Man that offense is too predictable. Everybody knows where the ball is going. And I do think there is-- some of it is an indictment of the coaching staff. Man they're not really creative. And, you know, look, a lot of this is the jealousy. The Keeping Up with the Joneses of any sport. The Rams go out and hire Sean McVay, creative offensive mind as their head coach. He sprinkles some pixie dust and all a sudden Jared Goff looks like-- goes from an absolute bust, to a Pro Bowl caliber player. So there is some jealousy in that.

But I think the reality of it, and what no one is saying is, Yeah, could they be a little bit more creative, sure. Is Dez Bryant not the same player used to be? Absolutely. Should somebody tell Jason Witten, dude, you need to hang it up. Could they use another wide receiver? Sure. Zeke Elliott got suspended. That makes anybody predictable, right. You no longer have play action as nearly as big a threat as there used to be. But why isn't anybody mentioning that maybe Dak Prescott isn't capable of a more creative playbook?

Maybe they still haven't figured out how to get the best out of Dak Prescott. I found this to be interesting. I don't know what you think of Cam Newton season. It's been up and down in the-- if you like the old adage, it's better to win ugly than lose pretty, right. I give you the Carolina Panthers. That's what they do. Cam Newtons had an up and down year. He had some-- early in the season, he was awful, just awful. Coming off shoulder surgery, didn't have preseason, and looked the part. Then he was really good for a couple of weeks, and then he was bad for a couple weeks. He's been better.

But he's been-- he's really improved once they figured out, hey you know what, Cam Newton is our best running back. Take a look at Cam Newton and Dak Prescott and stats, and this is kind of interesting. It's almost the same guy. The difference is Cam Newton has double the rushing yards. Over 600 yards rushing as opposed to Dak Prescott. And so, look, do I think that Dak can ever be the MVP of the NFL the way that Cam was a couple of years ago? Probably not. But remember, when Cam was the MVP, they had a great defense. They controlled the ball, and he was a tremendous running threat.

And remember, Cam Newton, no one would argue with-- they're not that creative offensively, because Cam can't be that creative offensively. That's not who he is. Dak's a smaller, slightly less athletic, maybe slightly more accurate version of Cam Newton. And if that's how you plan your offense, that's the best way to be successful. But you have to understand that the Carolina Panthers play that risky game of letting Cam Newton run the football. And if Dak does that, you do run the risk of injury, but you might get the most out of him.

What no one is saying-- what no one is saying in Dallas, everybody is actually saying in Dallas. Right. They're saying, hey, the offense isn't that creative. It's predictable. But what they're not saying is where that blame falls. It usually falls on that of the offensive coordinator head coach. But the reality of it is, the honest reality of it is, a lot of it falls on the limitations of a young quarterback who is more of a running quarterback. Until it became, kind of, a pocket passer late at Mississippi State. They still haven't figured out how to use him. He still hasn't figured out how to truly play quarterback and be creative.

And they just want to keep it simple stupid, right. KISS, because of his lack of wherewithal, lack of experience, and maybe lack of skill. They have personnel issues in Dallas. And maybe the biggest one is the limitations at quarterback.