Blazin’ 5: Colin’s picks for 2017-18 NFL Week 13

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Colin Cowherd has his picks for Week 13 in the NFL.

[NARRATOR] Let's Blazin all. Fire it up. It's Colin's Blazin 5

COLIN COWHERD: Panthers and Saints. Saints minus 4 against Carolina. I'm taking New Orleans at home minus 4. I'll tell you why. Drew Brees in his last five games has been incredible. A passer rating of almost 110. The running game is humming. Don't take much from going to LA and losing. What you should worry about is Carolina's defense showing fatigue because Cam has been a roller coaster ride week to week. I see a Carolina defense that will be on the field too much. I'm going to take the Saints 31-22.

[NARRATOR] Lions and Ravens.

COLIN COWHERD: Ravens minus 2 and 1/2 at home against the Lions, like it. I love it. Baltimore is playing nasty defense. Yep, right now the Ravens lead the NFL in takeaways. Only five teams have more giveaways, meanwhile, than the Lions since week five. The Ravens are getting to the quarterback. Four teams sacked in the last month. And for the record, Matt Stafford has been sacked ten times over the last three games. This game is about one team's strength, Ravens' defense and pass rush, giving Detroit's weakness pass protection real troubles. I'm going to swallow the 2 and 1/2, take the Ravens 28-21.

[NARRATOR] Chiefs at Jets.

COLIN COWHERD: Jets, a field goal at home, I'm going to take New York over Kansas City. The Jets in their last seven at home, they've played pretty well at home. Are 6 and 1 against the spread. They could have won that Carolina game if not for a goofy fumble by Josh McCown. Even still, McCown played pretty well over his last four. McCown's got seven touchdown passes. Only one pick and a passer rating almost at 102. And in the last six games, Kansas City has rushed for 100 yards just in once. What happened to their running game? I'm taking the Jets winning 24-23.

[NARRATOR] Vikings at Falcons.

COLIN COWHERD: Vikings plus 3 at the Falcons. I like Minnesota a lot. Stop with Case Keenum. Look at the numbers. But this is about Minnesota's running game. Latavius Murray, 5 rushing touchdowns in his last five. And Atlanta's run defense has gone into the tank in the last month, allowing over 5 yards a carry. Minnesota ball control wins this game 28-24.

[NARRATOR] Steelers at Bengals.

COLIN COWHERD: I don't like giving up big numbers, but I love the Steelers minus 5 and 1/2 against Cincinnati. Pittsburgh's dominated the series. Pittsburgh just played like crud on national TV. They'll come back refocused and energized. The Bengals' defense has going into the tank, allowing almost 150 rushing yards over their last six. And you know what Pittsburgh is all about. Giving it to Le'Veon Bell on the road. Cincinnati is a limited team. Pittsburgh played lousy and will rebound. Steelers' big 34-23 over the Bengals.