Antonio Brown is the best WR in the NFL

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Greg Jennings explains to Colin Cowherd why Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown is the best wide receiver in the NFL after his performance in Week 11 against the Tennessee Titans.

- You have said before that Matt Ryan's too nice with Julio Jones.

GREG JENNINGS: He is. I honestly feel like he takes Julio for granted. He takes Julio for granted. If you put Julio on 31 other teams-- I can't even say 31 other teams-- but just some other team that doesn't have a Julio Jones' physical stature that is opposing to a defender, and you put him in position to where he can go up, just like this play Sunday night against a Malcolm Butler, and say, give me this ball--

COLIN COWHERD: An elite NFL corner.

- Yes! Like snatch the ball, and then look at him like, you're too small. He does that time in and time out. Like, you have to throw it up and give him a chance to make you right.

COLIN COWHERD: That's what Big Ben does.

- Yes, that's what I love about Big Ben. That's what I loved about Aaron. That's what I most loved about Brett Favre. What he did-- he was a gunslinger, but he knew, look, if I throw it up, I'm telling you I trust you more than I trust that they'll knock the ball away or they'll intercept it. Make me right. Big Ben has that trust in Antonio Brown. That's why he throws it up and say, make me right, because Big Ben isn't always right.

COLIN COWHERD: So why is Antonio Brown so great? Now listen, 90% of the guys in this league run a 4.4. Like, what separates Antonio Brown? He went to a small college, like you. He wasn't an Alabama guy. What makes him special?

- What makes him special is he's elusive when he gets the ball in his hands. You can't just put one guy on him, because he will destroy him. And what-- again, this is why you get receivers. When they make plays in traffic, it separates them from the pack. When you look at the plays that Antonio Brown made last night--

COLIN COWHERD: Guy on him.

- A guy was on him every time. When you get to that point where your quarterback knows just throw it and I will make a play, that's what creates that margin of distance between you and the rest of your receiving counterparts. Antonio Brown makes more plays like this than almost any receiver in the game, on a consistent basis. And kudos to Ben, because he gives him an opportunity to make those plays.