Colin reveals why Steph Curry was not suspended for throwing his mouthpiece near a ref

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Colin Cowherd reveals why Golden State Warriors PG Steph Curry got a pass from Adam Silver and the NBA instead of a multi-game suspension for aggressively throwing his mouthpiece in the direction of a ref.

- Likeability and charming matter. I'll give you an example. Tom Cruise may be talented. He's not overly likeable. He's in Scientology. A lot of people don't like Tom Cruise. They don't like him, because Tom Cruise is in Scientology.

KRISTINE: He jumps on chairs and stuff.

- He's weird, and he's scary. And Tom Cruise, there's something about Tom Cruise I don't like. Will Smith is also a Scientologist. I mean, you know, he's just giving a new religion a chance. Will Smith is open-minded. That's a real quality.

Will Smith is not dangerous. He's not threatening. He's likeable. He's charming. Every time I see him, he's laughing, playing with his kids.

Likeability matters. It really does, and certain people have it. You want to know who has it more than anybody in the NBA? Steph-lon Curry. He's Steph-lon. He's the puppy of the NBA. He's small. He's likable.

KRISTINE: Oh my gosh.

COLIN COWHERD: He's jovial. He's fun. He's the NBA's puppy, and so now he's thrown a mouthpiece two different times-- once at a fan, once at a ref, no suspension. Ronald Reagan had this as a president. He joked about bombing Russia. Everybody said, ha, it's the Gipper. Obama would not have been given that pass. Trump, Mitt Romney, Hillary would not have been given that pass.

There is something to say about likability. Some people have it. Some people don't-- funny, non-threatening, charming, likable. Charles Barkley can say things on the air and get away with things. He'll say, I don't even watch basketball. These games bore me, and we still tune into Charles Barkley. Steph Curry, the most likable player in the NBA, Steph-lon, short for Teflon, the puppy of the league, threw a mouthpiece at a ref-- crickets. Here was Nick Wright this morning on "First Things First" perplexed by why Steph isn't suspended.

- Of course Steph should have been suspended. Literally every other player in the league would have been suspended. I was certain that even the NBA's untouchable golden boy would get one game, but no. Not for angrily, flamboyantly, repeat-offender-style taking his mouthpiece out and whipping it right at the ref, who he was mad at for not calling a foul-- that didn't exist, by the way. So I mean, yes, he should have been suspended, and everyone knows that.

- OK. He's absolutely right. There's no question about this. If Boogie Cousins throws this mouthpiece at a ref, it is a four to six gamer.

Now, here's the thing about the Warriors though. I think they get a pass, because they're seen-- and I may be wrong on this, Christine-- they're seen as the smart team, and the Silicon Valley team, and the politically-progressive team, and we're all in it for each other team. And I think the branding of the Warriors helps them. They're seen as good for the league, smart, change the league with the way teams play, build, and, shoot and we are, to some degree, we look up at the Warriors.

They're our basketball religion in America. We're looking up to them, and the league doesn't quite know how to punish them when they're bratty and petulant and spoiled, and it's a real thing. I've seen it my entire career with people I've worked with, bosses, movie stars, presidents. Ronald Reagan could say things that Hillary, Obama, Trump, Romney, McCain would never be allowed to say. Charming goes a long way, and the NBA's most huggable puppy, Steph-lon Curry is getting a complete and utter pass.

KRISTINE LEAHY: I don't know if he's going to appreciate you calling him a puppy.


KRISTINE LEAHY: You think this is going to get back to him? That photo?

COLIN COWHERD: Nobody watches this show.

KRISTINE LEAHY: I just-- I just think, you know, if you go to a Warriors game this year, you should watch out for a flying mouthpiece.

- Good point.