Blazin’ 5: Colin’s picks for 2017-18 NFL Week 6

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Colin Cowherd makes his picks for Week 6 of the NFL

- We're moving Blazin' 5, my NFL picks, to today. The reason we are doing that is we are not on the air tomorrow because we're bumped off for some other programming. So I thought, you know what, I'm not going to cheat ya. I'm going to give it this week. These picks, including tonight's game, I think are rock solid. I had a bumpy week. Let's get back on the winning track. Here's my Blazin' 5.

NARRATOR: Let's blaze it up.

MAN 1: Fire it up.

NARRATOR: It's Colin's Blazin' 5. Lions at Saints.

- The Saints minus 5 coming off a bye.


I'll take them against the Lions. Drew Brees is on fire, clearly put the work in the offseason, completing 69% of his passes, eight TDs, no picks, and a passer rating over 108. But not only are they off a bye, which leaves them healthier than Detroit, but they had some great defensive performances in the previous two weeks. That Saints, this year, playing real defense.

The beat-up Lions off a physical loss, go to New Orleans, and lose 28 to 20.

NARRATOR: Bears at Ravens.

- I like the Bears


plus six and a half in Baltimore. Take Chicago. First of all, I like their talent. I do. I love their running backs. They have a good offensive line. Trubisky's mobile and can avoid the pass rush. And they're tied for ninth in sacks. I think Chicago's got talent this year.

By the way, only Deshone Kizer has a lower passer rating than Joe Flacco. I think Baltimore is a BB gun, and I think Chicago is a more talented team. I'm going to take the Bears in an upset, 24-21.

NARRATOR: Rams at Jaguars.

- I'm getting the Rams and points.


I'll take it against Jacksonville. Take the two and a half. Listen, the Jags are good defensively, but ranked second to last in run defense. And the Rams outplayed and outperformed Seattle. They got into the red zone five times. They just couldn't get points.

Listen, the Jags beat the Steelers, but their defense outperformed their offense. It's the biggest win for Jacksonville in years. And what's that tell you? It tells you they're due for a natural letdown.

The Rams have won all three games they've at least broken even in the turnover battle. Jared Goff on the road has been good this year. I'm taking the Rams to win this puppy straight out, 28-23.

NARRATOR: Patriots at Jets.

- Patriots, Jets, it's a big number. I'll take New England


minus nine and a half. Listen, New England's one of those rare NFL teams. They're the opposite of Pittsburgh and Seattle. Home and road, they play the same. They're 5 and 0 against the spread in their last five road games. They are tied for second in the NFL in most big plays is New England. That's 20-plus yards.

And the Jets are tied for fourth on most big plays allowed. Listen, the Jets have won three games, but it's been Cleveland, Miami, and the Jags. Let's not kid ourselves.

Tom Brady is [INAUDIBLE]. Is he getting hit more? Yes, Tom Brady is. But he has a quarterback rating of 112, 11 TDs, and one pick. Like Drew Brees, he's old, he's still great.

I think New England rolls. They're still a team that lacks a pass rush. The Jets won't be able to take advantage of it. 30 to 20, New England.

NARRATOR: Eagles at Panthers.

- And the game tonight, Carolina minus three and a half. Generally, if you give me a quarterback and over a field goal, I'd like Philadelphia. And I do like Philadelphia this year. But I'm going to


take Carolina tonight at home to cover. Lane Johnson, best offensive lineman for the Eagles, is out. What were the Eagles last year when Lane Johnson didn't play? 2 and 8. Listen, Carson Wentz is an emerging star, but this is going on the road. It's a big, national TV game. They've got Cam some weapons. I'm gonna take Carolina 28-20.

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