Colin reveals 4 reasons why Andrew Luck should sit out the entire Colts’ season

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Colin Cowherd thinks Andrew Luck should sit out the Colts' entire season, but why?

COLIN COWHERD: I'm Chris Ballard. I don't tell anybody this. I don't tell Chuck Pagano. I don't tell the owner. I don't tell my scouts.

I call up Oliver luck and Andrew Luck, and we go to dinner. I fly to them, and I say, Andrew, don't play this year. I'll tell nobody, you tell nobody. Dad, don't tell anybody. It's our little secret.

There's four reasons. A, this roster is garbage. I am not putting you in the crosshairs. B, we go 0-16 and 1-15, we'll get the first or second pick.

We don't need Sam Darnold. We're the only team that could get that pick that doesn't need him. We can trade it for five picks. You think RG III got a boatload of picks, this will get eight.

C, it'll allow me to get rid of Pagano, because we'll be 1-15. And it will allow me to hire the right offensive coach. And D, Rivers, Big Ben, Brady, they're all retiring soon. You will have seven new players, an offensive minded head coach, and your last 10 years in this league you are built to win championships.