There is one NBA team that completely perplexes Colin Cowherd right now

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Colin Cowherd has some strong words for one of the NBA"s premier franchises.

- One of the advantages to being young is you recover more quickly. You don't get wrinkles generally in your teens and in your 20s. Got that youthful look, good energy in your 20s. There are a lot of advantages to being 24. There are some advantages to being 34 to your 54. And that is that you've lived life, you've had experiences, and you won't make those dumb mistakes hopefully you make in your 20s and 30s. I can't tell you, if you're 22 years old, how the 30s and 40s are going to be. You're going to have to live them.

So I'm going to bring in a little bit of wisdom that I have learned in my life. And it has to do with the Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant. I never lead with basketball in the football season. But this is a very interesting moment. As the Golden State Warriors have told Chris Mannix, a very good reporter, behind the scenes, we are perplexed by Kevin Durant's off season fighting his old battles. His shoe line, taking shots at his distractors, blasting his former organization on Twitter. Why is he going down that rabbit hole? They are perplexed by Kevin Durant. And you know what I say? I'm perplexed by the Golden State Warriors not getting Kevin Durant.

You ever heard that old saying, you never forget your first love? You know when people experience their first love? Usually at 15 years old, maybe 14, maybe 16. And at 60 years old, you don't forget it. That's a 40, 50 year gap between your first love and now. It's why people go on Facebook, have affairs. Their high school sweetheart-- they're in their 50s. It holds a special place. That's 45 and 50 years removed from high school. And you're wondering why Kevin Durant, who had the 10 best years of his life, then a public divorce, now he's America's villain-- you're wondering why he can't get over it in 15 months?

Excuse me, but did you ever see the story they did on Tom Brady? He had three Super Bowl rings. And they interviewed him about the draft, and he cried, because he remembered the day he sat with his dad and watched the draft and nobody took him. And at this point, his net worth was $250 million. He was married to a supermodel. He had three rings. And he cried. It still hurt. Aaron Rodgers had to go to a junior college. Only 6'2". USC wasn't interested. Neither was Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan. It still burns. Of course, Kevin Durant, 15 months removed from the greatest 10 years of his life, the most public divorce in America, and now America's reigning villain-- of course it's in his head. That's why I said yesterday, he's the most fragile athlete in North America.