Paul Pierce wants to bury the hatchet with Ray Allen – Kristine and Colin React

Kristine Leahy reports that Paul Pierce wants to bury the hatchet and heal his relationship with former Boston Celtics teammate Ray Allen.

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KRISTINE LEAHY: And finally, there's no secret that there's bad blood between Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen. They all felt like Ray Allen deserted them and went to the Heat when they had built something special together and won a championship. And the fact that Ray treated it like a business did not sit well with them.


KRISTINE LEAHY: But Paul Pierce just posted a picture on Instagram with the caption, "Time to get the band back together. No matter what happened, we all formed a special bond that can never be broken. #onceacelticalwaysaceltic." This makes me really happy to see that they're going to bury the hatchet and be cool with each other. Now, I know everything that went down and why they didn't like each other at the time. And Ray felt like he had to take on the burden of doing all the community service and being the guy that had to speak after games when the other guys didn't.

And he was kind of the serious one and had to take on the responsibilities. So he felt like, hey, if I'm not going to be appreciated, I'm going to go be appreciated somewhere else. And I think that he definitely did. Their personalities didn't vibe at the time, but they did win a championship together. And that said, this makes me want to go to that game even more, because now, I think Ray Allen will be at Paul Pierce's retirement, the Jersey game--

COLIN COWHERD: He should be.

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