Colin Cowherd explains why Texas A&M has a false sense of achievement

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Colin Cowherd talks Kevin Sumlin and the Aggies after Texas A&M's Week 1 loss to the UCLA Bruins.

COLIN COWHERD: When Josh Rosen had no time, no receivers were open, was completely baffled by Texas A&M's defense. When Kevin Sumlin created an offensive game plan that ran for 380 yards, was he a bad coach then? Hey, regent guy. You had two quarterbacks transfer out, they were both good. You were left with two quarterbacks who weren't very good, and one of them got hurt. So you were relying on a true freshman backup on the road against arguably the best quarterback in the country.

See, what happened with Texas A&M happens to a lot of people-- a false sense of achievement. Johnny Manziel gave A&M fans a false sense of, wow, we're really special. And no, you're not. You are a slightly better than average college football program. TCU and Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State have been better programs. In your own region, the last 10 years. Since 1998, do the math, you've had one 10-win season. That was Kevin Sumlin's.

By the way, without Johnny Manziel, since 1990, 27 years, your biggest bowl win is the Holiday Bowl. Texas A&M fans joined the SEC, and for a couple of years, due to a wildly dynamic and exhilarating quarterback named Johnny Manziel, you competed with Alabama. Hey, we're special. We're elite. No, you're completely average.

Regents should worry about fundraising, and legal matters, and construction projects. Leave the game planning to the coach. In your own region, you're not special. Oklahoma is. TCU has been. Oklahoma state's on fire. But I love when regents, lawyers, jump in and start defining what a good football coach is.

This was a story of a team that got a massive lead, had a great game plan, completely suffocated Josh Rosen-- I've never seen him that perplexed for a half-- and then had to go to a true freshman backup quarterback who's not very good. On the road, a team at a massive lead and UCLA playing against more of a prevent defense got really, really hot and won the game. Texas A&M sees itself as Hollywood royalty, or Hanks, Denzel, Clooney, Robert Downey, Matthew McConaughey, Brad Pitt, Jamie Foxx. That's not what you are. You're Brendan Frazier.

You are a slightly better than average program, and the most success you've had recently is due to Kevin Sumlin's great recruiting and offensive wizardry. The fact they could get almost 400 yards rushing when UCLA, who's got a good defense, knew that was the only thing you could do is not bad coaching.