Rob Parker would rather have Colin Kaepernick at QB in Detroit than pay Matt Stafford this contract

Rob Parker gives his thoughts on Matt Stafford's huge new contract

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- Against teams that finish over 500 in a season, he's 5-46. He's 1-26 on the road, including a playoff game. He doesn't beat anybody. Go back to last year. Remember they got off to a good start, they had a good record. Then in the last three games, they had to play the Giants, Cowboys, and Packers.

- He had a hurt finger.

- He lost all three games.

- He was hurt.

- He never beats anybody. And give me a signature win because I'll wait.

- He beat Green Bay badly.

- Was that with Matt Flynn?

- Who cares, he beat them.

- Who cares? He doesn't win the big game. Last year, last game of the year, at Ford Field against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. You know what's on the line?

- What?

- Win the division and have a home playoff game. And go look-- in those last three games-- I just told you, against the Giants, Cowboys, and Packers, he threw two touchdowns and three picks and one of the touchdowns in the Packers game came in a final 30 seconds. He was not in those games because when they play good teams, he's just a mediocre quarterback. There's a reason, that the Lions have one playoff game since 1957 and it's not an accident.

- OK. Who was his coach when he broke into the league? Schwartz.

- Jim Schwartz.

- By the way, a great coordinator.

- Defensive coordinator.

- Defensive side, great coordinator, failed head coach. Who's his coach now?

- Jim Caldwell.

- Anybody in the league think he's a top 15 coach?

- No.

- OK. So he had a defensive coach.

- He did go to the Super Bowl with the Colts.

- Yeah, Peyton Manning sort of matters.

- I'm just saying he did.

- So you have a below average ownership group. You haven't shown a proclivity to nail drafts. Your coaching has been mediocre. You fired one. He's on multiple coordinators. By the way, when he finally got Jim-Bob Cooter, his numbers were through the roof.

- Yeah, but they're always through the roof against sub par teams. That's all I'm saying.

- By the way, Tony Gwynn wasn't batting 400 against Earl Hershiser.

- No, but I get that. But just give me one win. Even that playoff game against Dallas that some Lions fans say, well, we got cheated on a call by the refs-- he had the ball with two and 2 and 1/2 minutes to go, two timeouts, and you know what-- marched the ball down the field. Had nothing to do referees. And you know what? Go and win the game. You know what he did? Four and out, game's over.

- OK, let's say you don't pay him the money. Who would you get at quarterback?

- Colin Kaepernick.

- Oh, good hell.

- Colin Kaepernick has been to the Super Bowl. He's been to the NFC championship game. What has Matt Stafford done? What? Seriously, god bless them. It's the league, the money's there. I'm not mad at him for taking the money, because that's what the market bears.

- Colin Kaepernick, better than Matt Stafford?

- Absolutely. I would take him any day.

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