Marcellus Wiley thinks Odell wasn’t being honest when he made comments on Eli & the Giants’ offense

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Jason Whitlock and Marcellus Wiley discuss Odell Beckham and the Giants on today's show. Wiley disagrees with Odell's comments on Eli and the NYG'S offense. Hear what Marcellus Wiley has to say.

- Drama. That's drama king. He's a brand. It's not about football. It's not about winning. This would not be the last time Odell Beckham does something that, hey, look at me. You know, I think the Giants are going to regret giving him this long-term contract. It's not about football to him anymore. He's made his money. It's about the Odell brand. This was right on brand.

- Oh no, I disagree there. You don't set NFL records in your short stay in the NFL if it's not about football.


- OK. That's part of this process which has him frustrated because his expectations are where he set that standard. So this is a guy who's heavily invested in football. And it's weird, a lot of people always push back on you when you make your money like, it was all about the money. I like how much money I just made. I want to make even more, so I'm even more invested in it. So I don't want to go there, Jason.

I do disagree with his comments, though, because he wasn't brutally honest Coach always said names and numbers. If you're gonna call somebody out, you got to call them out. But when Josina's like, so what is the problem with the offense? And you say, I don't know. Now that's when you lose me. You have to go there. So if it's Eli, I need to see Eli's name. If not, don't say it. Don't try to carefully manufacture it because then it gets political, and then it casts a cloud over the entire locker room.