Jason Whitlock on LeBron’s potential 5th MVP award: This won’t ‘equate him to Michael Jordan’

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Jason Whitlock and Marcellus Wiley weigh in on LeBron James potentially winning his 5th MVP award this season and what it could mean for his legacy.

- All right, so I saw this this morning and I thought it was an interesting discussion Chris was having. Could a championship-- I mean, a MVP, be just as valuable to LeBron's legacy as another title.

- No. And I think when you hear that, you try to process that. And you say, oh, that makes sense, you know. Like, at this age, 34, and playing for another franchise, and to be the best in the world, but actually get respected as the MVP by journalists? Amazing, until you start to think the collective doesn't respect MVPs like they do championships.

Go to any barbershop, go to any sports bar, and sit there and start saying, hey, man, how many MVPs does Jordan have?


- Right. And then you say how many does Kareem have?


- How many does Shaq have?

- One or two. And he got robbed.

- How many drinks you had? How many drinks you had?

- He got one, I think.

- OK, Larry Bird.

- Larry Bird had three or four.

- There you go. See, that's the thing.

- Magic had five-- I think, four.

- Ah, see here we go. You ready? It's interesting how you're starting to get divided and start-- but when I start saying how many championships, it's not three or four, it's-- boom. And that's the problem with LeBron. He's not going to win the MVP, it's a traveling trophy. And even if he does, we're not going to say, oh, that's your fourth ring. We're going to say you were due more MVPs in the past.

- If he gives to a fifth MVP, that's the same number as Michael Jordan. And trust me, the LeBron lovers will start making that a part of their argument. He's got five MVPs, and he got his fifth at age 34, on a Lakers team that wasn't that good. They'll make it part of their argument. I do think it will enhance his legacy. Will it make it the equal of Michael Jordan? No. Is it the equal of another championship, no.


- But it is a nice another accomplishment that LeBron can add. And trust me, if he gets his fifth, he's going to damn sure make sure he gets his sixth and tie him with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and have one more than Michael Jordan. And so I do think it'll just be another little feather in LeBron's cap in his war against Michael Jordan, and the people that are involved in it. Look, to me, he'll never be equal Michael.

- Ooh, you went there.

JASON WHITLOCK: No, he'll never be the equal of Michael Jordan. And if he gets two or three--

MARCELLUS WILEY: We got to add that segment one day.

JASON WHITLOCK: He'll never be the equal of Michael Jordan. But if he gets this extra MVP, it inches him a step closer.