Jason Whitlock thinks it’s a ‘red flag’ that Tom Brady has reportedly mellowed out on the football field

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Eric Mangini and Greg Cosell join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss Rob Gronkowski's comments about Tom Brady's demeanor.

- Cowherd, is this actually a bad sign for Brady and the Patriots?

- You're just trying to find ways.

GUEST: Yeah.

- I love Brady, what do you mean? But I just don't like it.

- You love LeBron and Brady, we've never done a positive spin on 'em, OK? Let me tell you something. People mellow out. Testosterone levels come down. Everybody mellows out with age. You throw some titles, you throw a billion dollars net worth, a supermodel wife, he's got a very great life. He's got kids. This is what everybody does. The CEO at 48 is not the CEO at 68.

- I don't know, Belichick and Saban I don't think have mellowed out a whole lot with age.

- Well, I don't know. I saw a video--

GUEST: They might have gotten a heart.

- But I mean, when I look at Tom, listen, it's, he's got everything. He doesn't even have a challenger on the staff now, Garoppolo's gone. What's he up there to be uptight about?

- Listen, I felt, the thing that I'm saying here is that Brady has been the assistant coach on the field for Bill Belichick. He's been as intense as Belichick, and maybe has been a bit of a hammer for Belichick from time to time where Belichick doesn't have to. And when I hear that he's kind of backed off that in any kind of way this year after the off season they just went through, where they haven't seemed to be getting along and there seems to be a problem since Malcolm Butler, that's kind of a red flag to me. Tom Brady's been the in your face quarterback for 15, 16 years. Stay that way.

- I would imagine he'll be that way when the time comes.

- And so we're using Rob Gronkowski as a gauge of emotional intelligence development. That's the first part. He said that Tom used to be mean to him. I'm sure he did, because I bet he didn't get a lot wrong or didn't get a lot right. And then the other thing, it's the first week.

GUEST: Yeah, exactly.

- It's the first week. When you come back from vacation, everybody's relaxed, it's nice, to see old friends, you start with the install, you kind of build up now, especially because training camp's changed so much. Give it about a week and a half where you're tired of sitting in meetings with guys, you're getting frustrated, you're getting ridden by the coaches. That edge will come back pretty quickly. This is the post-vacation ease into training camp mode.

- Listen, Mick Jagger used to trash hotel rooms. Now he takes naps.

- That's 'cause he's old and washed up. Tom Brady was the MVP of the league last year. Tom Brady has a way that he competes that works.

GUEST: Tom Brady just came off a Super Bowl where he threw for 505 yards.

JASON WHITLOCK: And he wasn't a nice guy then. And he shouldn't be a nice guy now.

GUEST: So you think because of what Rob Gronkowski said that we're going to gauge Tom Brady's personality?

GUEST: The sage, Rob Gronkowski.

JASON WHITLOCK: Can I say this?

GUEST: You can say whatever you want.

- Rob Gronkowski knows more about Tom Brady than you.

- That is correct.

- And you and you and me. He's right there. And he's, hey, this seems a little different.

- Maybe he was having fun with the media.

- Don't you think that some of this is, to your point, Gronk came in a little bit of a meathead. He's less of a meathead. Tom doesn't ride him because Gronk, there's symmetry between those two.

- And does Gronk, Gronk know more than I do about the history of Tom Brady? I was there when it started. I was there for the first six years.

- That wasn't my point.

- But I'm just saying like the whole coach on the field, in your face type thing, Tom's never been an in your face type guy. He's a very demanding, he demands excellence from the people around him. You won't get the ball if you're in the wrong spot. He may call you out if you do the wrong thing. But in terms of like jumping on you and--

- Oh, the way he did Josh McDaniels, got in his face.

- One time--

- Right.

- --in 18 years, I mean it's an aberration.

COLIN COWHERD: Yeah, I mean Tom's not a barker.

- Rob Gronkowski just said just to be clear, what he said, he wasn't talking about Tom yelling at him. He's like, Tom's not yelling at the young guys like Gronkowski expected. That's how, when I was a young guy, I got yelled at by Tom Brady.

GUEST: So let me ask you a question.


- Given that they have an entire new receiving corps, OK, that a whole new group.

JASON WHITLOCK: That's when you need to be yelling most.

- No, you could take the opposite approach, that you need to sort of teach them and ease them in, so they understand all the subtleties and the nuances of the pass scheme, which as Eric knows, there's a lot to learn there. And there's a lot of movement. There's a lot of after the snap understanding. So maybe he's taking the approach that, I need to bring these guys along, that yelling at them or getting on them the first couple of days is not going to benefit them.

GUEST: And maybe he's got to learn their names.

- Right.

- There's a lot of new faces.

- They just signed Eric Dicker.

- I don't want to compare Tom to the man I'm about to say--

- But you're going to anyway.

- But this would be like coming into a preseason college basketball and you're, hey, Bob Knight's not yelling anymore. And everybody goes, that's not a big deal. Well, Bob Knight yells. That's what he does.

- Yeah, but Bob Knight's defined by almost--

- Yes.

- --violent anger. Like, he's just volume, and that's not what Tom Brady's defined by. He's defined by work ethic and detail.

GUEST: And being demanding, which is the better word, as Eric said.

- You know what? Michael Jordan reported to training camp and was giving everybody Rolex watches and taking them all out to eat, and he wasn't punching any teammates any more. He wasn't up people's rear end like he used to be. And somebody said that, I'd be, hold on, Jordan's changed. Because Tom Brady and Jordan have an edge to him. And that's what I think Gronkowski's saying.

- It is the first week. It's the first week. Let--

- Jordan got into the Hall of Fame and still had the edge.

- Let people get a little overtired, let that heat build up. It's the first week back, it's not too bad.

- If they're trailing the Texans in Week 1 by 14 at half, you'll see the anger.