Jason Whitlock: LaVar Ball’s antics have created too much pressure for Lonzo

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Chris Broussard and Jason McIntyre join Jason Whitlock and Doug Gottlieb to discuss Lonzo Ball's recent struggles.

- Look, I am now ready to reach a conclusion.

- OK.

- LaVar Ball's antics from starting a year ago, back at UCLA to now, too much pressure for Lonzo. It is now inside his head. This is like a golfer with the yips. This is like Jon Lester not being able to throw to first base. This is in his head, LaVar's antics, the wrong fit for this kid.

And I love Luke Walton's comments. You know, basically he's given Lonzo enough rope to hang himself. That's what he's doing. And that's why he's not-- you want to shoot from three, you want to, no problem. He wasn't the problem. Lonzo keep hanging yourself because you and your father have created a mess in your mind.

- Well, I mean, I assume you mean the father in terms of what we thought he would be. Is that what your talking about? Because the dad isn't involved now. Now I only think--

- I said going back a year, the whole Lonzo hype machine is blowing up in Lonzo's face.

- Yeah, some, some. But I also think that they knew-- maybe they didn't know the depth of how much work there was going to have to be done in his game. Because the shooting is a problem, but it's only part of the problem. The bigger part of the problem is he's got to be able to finish. There's plenty of guys--

JASON WHITLOCK: One of 12 from three?

- Hold on. But Ben Simmons can't shoot at all, can't shoot, but he doesn't, right? But Ben Simmons can finish at the rim, this kid can't finish at the rim. So there's a lot of work to be done. They're not willing-- they're not even close to bailing on Lonzo Ball.

JASON WHITLOCK: I didn't say that

- I understand.

- I said LaVar's is blowing up in Lonzo's face. Remember when Nick Anderson missed the free throws and came back the next the next year?

DOUG GOTTLIEB: He was never the same.

- Yeah.

- Here-- this is the problem with your statement about a year ago, LaVar has created this monster. Lonzo has had great stretches. I mean, just three weeks ago, people were like, he's there now. He's arrived.

- Only because we're short on time, you know I've had good stretches of dieting.

- But this only a bad stretch.

- I've had good stretches of dieting. Do I have the problem under control?

- This is a 7-game stretch we showed the stats from.

- Do I have the problem under control? No.

- I could show you a five-day stretch where he shot at 58% from three.

Seven out of 82, Whitlock, we'll run an 82-game stretch here on this show. I'll have an awesome week. The next week, I'm not going to be so hot. You run hot and cold. He's averaging 10, 7, 7, and 7. You know what Magic Johnson averaged as a rookie when he had Kareem Abdul-Jabbar--

JASON WHITLOCK: Would you stop?

- --18, 7, and 7.

JASON WHITLOCK: Don't mention Magic and Lonzo in the same-- look, man.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: He also didn't play for about 15 games, too.

- George Gervin created the finger roll. We are now seeing the creation of the fingers crossed. That's his shot. He shoots, and he crosses his fingers.

- The one thing I'll give you is the free throw shooting, that is something wrong with that.

DOUG GOTTLIEB: The whole shot has to be scrapped and reworked.

- Yeah, but he's hit the shot at times.

JASON WHITLOCK: The finger cross.

- Hey, Lavar got the memo. Lavar stopped talking.

- He shoots with both of his fingers crossed.

- Exactly.

- We got to go.