Kenyon Martin thinks Russell Westbrook and the Thunder will be dangerous in the playoffs

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Kenyon Martin and Chris Broussard join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss whether Oklahoma City will be a threat in the playoffs.

- Whitlock, you think the Thunder are a real threat?


- I think against the top competition, they elevate their play and play better. I think-- and these guys are laughing. Corey Brewer added to the lineup has clearly added something during this stretch. The guy's hitting, like, a career high number-- three-point percentage. He can run with Westbrook. I think finally Billy Donovan has made a move that actually worked and improved the team. The coach finally earned his money.

- Couldn't I make the argument-- Portland hasn't lost in a month and a half. Utah hasn't lost in a month. Oklahoma City is on fire. Man, we've got two things happening. Some of the seeds are locked up and some teams are tanking. You're not getting the same effort--

- Why I'm laughing is you hating against my guy again.

- Westbrook.

- Why? It just can't be that Russ decided to turn this switch on and be like, OK, we need to get-- I need to get back to where I was playing last year. And that's what he's doing.

- They're scoring like--

- Five straight triple-doubles. Like he's made his mind up as, like, it's time. And I think-- add Corey Brewer, he helped. But it's Brody, in my opinion.

- Beyond that, Ken, you said it. Remember early in the season through November, Russell was deferring and trying to get Paul and Melo and all these guys in the offense. Come December, they were like look, B-Russ, do your thing. Since that point, since the start of December, they are playing at a 55-win pace.

So this team is legit. They won the last six, you're right, and Brewer helps because when they lost Roberson, remember, they went through a lull and a slump when they lost Roberson because of his defense. Brewer can give you close to that. He's not as good as Roberson now and at this age. He's a very good defender though, but he can shoot.

- Better shooter.

- And that's the thing. Roberson-- it was like playing 4-on-5 offensively. Now you have another shooter who can hit threes, can run the floor. Look, I think Golden State and Houston are the clear favorites. But if one of them falters-- Golden State because of injuries, Houston because they just don't have it because we've seen Chris and James struggle in the playoffs-- I think OKC will be that third team in the West.

- I don't think no team wants to face them besides Houston and Golden State. With the way they playing and the power that they have, just-- I like it.

- I agree with you that no one wants to see them because the fear is that at some point they will figure it out because I still think they play dumb. I still think they don't get enough consistently out of Steven Adams, who I think is a real force and could be in this league playing in a different situation. Again, I think Corey Brewer has added something. What they're doing-- Paul George is out of there because the way Russ is playing right now and the way Paul George--

- You think no matter how far they go?

- He is shooting-- to your point, Paul George is shooting five times less a game in the last month. I mean-- by the way, Westbrook's great. He's not staying there.

- They winning.

- Again, I think he'll tolerate that this year, but he's not in this league to shoot 12 times a game or 13 times a game.

- I will say this. If they go deep-- let's say they get to the conference finals, because I think there's a chance he stays. I think if they go out early, he's definitely gone. But, look, if he goes to the Lakers, he's not going to be shooting 20 shots a game in LA either because those young kids are coming. And Brandon Ingram--

- And they not going to be in the playoffs neither.

- Be as good as him-- well, if he goes by himself.

- They're not going to be in the playoffs next year.

- You don't think they make it with George?

- They need more than just Paul George.

- They close now!

- Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.


- Let me tell you something. 13 shots in Oklahoma City is like getting six shots with the Lakers.


You living in OKC and it's like you only get to pull the trigger 13 times?


That ain't fun. You can play in the NBA Finals, you can play it all, but 13 shots in Oklahoma City?

- I think that--

- But if you win-- I'll take it if you win.

- Most of the season his shots have been up.

- If, again-- I understand, but Westbrook is now playing like Westbrook. And again, you've-- Steven Adams. I think they've figured out-- Westbrook probably figured out, you know, Steven Adams is more reliable dumping in here to him. He's going to make 70% of his shots. I don't know if he's ever going to get those shots back in OKC, particularly with him having success. And when you go to Toronto on the road and win, that's a good team.

- Yeah.

- And I think my man Adams went 10-of-13 from the field. Westbrook shot a great percentage. I just don't know. Paul George-- he's house hunting someplace.

- I agree.

- I think--

- Well, he got a house here already and he lives in Oklahoma City.