Doug Gottlieb explains why LeBron may not be a good fit for the Lakers

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Doug Gottlieb and Jason McIntyre join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss the possibility of LeBron joining the Lakers and whether it would be a good move for LA.

- Well are you buying, Jason, the Lakers won't pursue LeBron this off season?

- I'm buying the report. It's from major awards [INAUDIBLE] Ramona Shelbourne. Two highly credible NBA reporters. So I'm buying the report.

Can the Lakers change course and renege on whatever they've set out? Yes they can. But here's what I really think is going on. And I'm going to get crucified for saying this.

I think the Lakers are right now at this moment are like you know what? You know want LeBron guarantees at this point in his career right now? A headache. That's what he guarantees. Championships? No. He does not-- he's never guaranteed championships. He's won three.

Again, he reminds me of a modern day Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt Chamberlain had too many gifts and was a little bit often hard to deal with. LeBron James, a 6 foot 9 version of Wilt Chamberlain, will never win as many championships as guys that are much more stable personality wise.

And so at 34, or whatever he is, 15 years in the league, whatever he is. I think the Lakers are looking and saying I'm not sure if he's worth that trouble. He guarantees you a headache and some ticket sales. But championships, I'm not so sure.

- Look, he did actually guarantee championships. Not one, not two, not three, right? So he did actually guarantee championships. Whether he delivers on them.

- He delivered headaches every year.

- Look, you and I, you and I agree on that. And I think that's what we're looking at here. If you look previously, LeBron's camp, OK? Or what was coming out of LeBron's camp and being leaked through Brian Windhorst, another credible journalist, was well maybe look at Houston. Now maybe at Golden. Well maybe look here.

And what it is-- this is just a leverage play. It's negotiating in the media because what LeBron wants is LeBron wants his guys. LeBron wants his coach. LeBron wants his headaches. LeBron wants it his way.

And the Lakers are like look we want you here, but we want you to join our organization. And that's why they they're fighting this fight now. And if not they'd be like that's OK. We'll move on. Next year, we'll get Klay Thompson. Younger, better, and maybe Kawhi Leonard. Younger, better both from L.A. Both would die to be Lakers.

- LaVar Ball is already a massive headache. Nagging at LeBron, too.

- That's good. I do question the timing of this report. Two days before the trade deadline. OK? I talked about this on your show last week.

Three weeks ago, all Houston Rockets and LeBron. Last week, Golden State and LeBron. This week, Lakers. Ooh, we don't want LeBron. Something seems fishy. Who's planting all these stories? I think you're on to something, Doug. I do believe this out Lebron's camp is pushing all of these.

- OK, so Magic just got fined today for tampering.

- Again.

- OK, again.

- Some of the most ridiculous tampering.

- It may be-- whatever. But a week ago, I had somebody tell me Magic and LeBron talked. Well if I heard it, somebody in New York has heard it. And Magic's thinking listen, I'm going to call [INAUDIBLE] and Ramona, respected journalists, and I'm going to tell them no interest. We've got to cool this crap off.

Because he already had one tampering. The day he got another. If word is out there and people are saying like Magic and LeBron camps are talking and it comes back to Magic, he may have just wanted to cool this puppy off.

- Yep.

- It's not so bad, except for Magic got fined for tampering for saying that he thinks Giannis is going to put Milwaukee on the map.

- It's still the second time, though. The first was--

- I don't understand how that's tampering. You're saying that he's going to be in Milwaukee and win a championship.

- No. But. You're right. But he was fined 50 grand. Is this just-- who would you call if you wanted to get word out? You'd call [INAUDIBLE] and maybe--

- No. I wouldn't because again, the report that get played that easily are generally speaking a little bit lower on the totem pole. And so [INAUDIBLE], as seasoned as they come. Ramona, very seasoned.

Again, and I'm not saying they're not capable of being played or used by a source. But again, if I'm sitting there, who can I get this story out there with? Those aren't the guys I'm I'm looking to.

- What has really hurt the LeBron negotiations that have yet to take place is the idea was bring Kentavious Caldwell-Pope in because he's repped by Rich Paul. Overpay him. OK? For a year, keep that cap space and then we're going to use that to get to two stars.

The Kentavious Caldwell-Pope thing's been a disaster. He was out of shape. He had a DUI. Hell, 26 days he was actually sleeping in a detention facility and then working for the L.A. Lakers with one of those things on his ankle. OK?

And he's not a particularly great guy in the locker room. And that's the guy who is supposed to bridge the gap between a former agent who's running the Lakers and a current agent for LeBron. And so like, LeBron brings headaches. He wants his coach.

And this is the Lakers going like, hey you want to come here? Cool. You're going to do it our way. You're going to be a Laker. Otherwise, we don't want another Albert Pujols-like contract. An aging superstar, and we get back end of the deal.

- They're already dealing with the LaVar headache. You add LeBron to the mix. I don't know.