Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd’s expectations for Super Bowl LII

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Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd talk Super Bowl LII. Will the New England Patriots win another title on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles?

JASON WHITLOCK: Who do you got?

COLIN COWHERD: New England plays fast, scores first. Nick Foles from behind faces pressure. The Patriots pass rush is the least respected pass rush in the league. Philadelphia's defense-- the back end is overrated. It is an ugly game-- New England by 14 to 17.

JASON WHITLOCK: Wins by 14 or 17 points, is that what you just said?


JASON WHITLOCK: Would you stop? They got the wrong mindset. They're going to get down early like they tend to do-- slow start. And they're not going to come back. They will not-- Everybody'll be sitting there, oh, it's coming, another Patriots comeback. Not gonna happen.

COLIN COWHERD: You want to make-- you want to make a--

JASON WHITLOCK: Yeah, maestros. We got Maestros on it. We got Maestro-- You didn't give your great statter. Philly's defense is terrible against no huddle.

COLIN COWHERD: Guess who's not huddling? New England.