Jason Whitlock is ‘concerned’ that Alex Smith won’t live up to expectations in Washington

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Michael Vick and Kristine Leahy join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss the Washington Redskins trading for Alex Smith.

- Cowherd, do you think Alex Smith will be a success in Washington?

COLIN COWHERD: Yeah. He's been a success everywhere. And once again he gets an offensive guy. He's succeeded with Harball, he succeeded with Andy Reid, and he's going to succeed with Jay Gruden. You know what's happening in this league, if you notice this. The old guys are winning a lot. Why? Last four or five years, it's a no huddle league. So the guys walk into the line that have been in this league 8, 10, 12. Tom Brady said this last year. He said, I've seen everything.

If you're a young guy in this league, and you walk to that line with no huddles, it's a phone book of a playbook. These veteran guys, they all want to play longer because in the no huddle league, they have an advantage over all these young guys. I think he's going to go there and be very successful.

- I like your argumentative of his experience being valued in the NFL. Perhaps Tom Brady has opened people's minds. And Alex is a guy, to use the word, very buttoned up. Takes care of himself. Is all in on football. But I am concerned. I'm concerned because the Redskins don't have any wide receiving help. The Redskins running back position not nearly as strong as the Kansas City Chiefs with Kareem Hunt. Tight end, Jordan Reed, gets hurt a lot.


- He's leaving Tyreek Hill, big play wide receiver. Travis Kelce, one of the best tight ends in football. Kareem Hunt revealed himself as one of the best running backs. Andy Reid a tremendous play caller. No shot at Jay Gruden, but he's not going to a situation with as many tools and weapons as he had in Kansas City. And the reaction in that Washington locker room to them trading Kendall Fuller and a third round pick. I think there's going to be a lot more pressure in Washington than perhaps he is anticipating.

- So you think the rest of the team is going to get mad at Alex Smith for being traded to the team? They're going to take it out on him?

- No, no. I don't think-- I don't think that at all. I think the expectations, again, when you give up that much to get someone, and he got paid. I think the expectations in that locker room are going to be, hey man, we just got a quarterback. We're going into the playoffs. We're a Super Bowl threat. I just think expectations and the lack of support around him could be a concern.

- I would think there'd be a lot of support for him, especially because now at least they have some clarity. Kirk Cousins is a franchise tagged twice, and also the defense should be thrilled because hopefully they don't have to play as much.

- Yeah. It will be a ton of support. I mean, defenses, they don't like when there's a turnover and they have to run right back out on the field when they just got a three and out. And the quarterback turns the ball over, and they have to shoot right back on out on the field. That doesn't give them an opportunity to rest. I agree with both of you guys. Alex Smith leaves the situation in Kansas City where he had Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce. And he goes to a team where, you know, guys are injury prone. You know, Jordan Reed doesn't have the receivers. But then also, like the fact in which you say Colin, you know, he's an older guy, older quarterback. He goes into a situation where it's similar to the West Coast system. You know, Jay Gruden studied under John, his brother. So things and concepts would be similar.


- Gives him opportunity to go in right away, and make the team an instant success.

COLIN COWHERD: Remember Kirk Cousins had some highs, but man he laid some eggs. Kansas Cities four playoff losses were by 11 points. Alex doesn't eggs. Alex doesn't-- you get none of this with Alex. He is the opposite of Cam Newton. Physically, emotionally. I know, now has Alex got limitations? Let me just say this. Athletes are loyal to wins. Last six games for Kirk Cousins, 10 picks 8. 10 touchdowns, 8 picks. That's Kirk Cousins. Boom, boom, boom, boom. Alex is just this. It's a slow gradual build up. Players like that.

- The problem though Colin, is what I'm arguing is, you're right. Alex Smith is just this, but so are the Washington Redskins. Again, they don't have these dramatic ups. They have been having problems for decades, and again, that's why I keep wondering about-- will he be successful. Kirk Cousins, you know, had limited success. I think people think he's talented, but it's hard. Washington's organization hasn't been run that well. And again, they took weapons away from Kirk Cousins this season. And will they provide Alex Smith the necessary weapons to be successful in Washington. That's the question.

- I think this is an opportunity for the Washington Redskins to build around Kirk Cousins. I mean, not-- I'm sorry. Not Kirk Cousins, Alex Smith. I mean, if you look at what he can do and the things he's done. And how smart he is intellectually on the football field. He'll be able to bring concepts to Jay Gruden from things that he's seen, and it will help the team flourish. You need leaders like Alex Smith to help a team get better.