Ray Lewis loves that Kevin Byard is talking trash about Tom Brady but says he must back it up

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Ray Lewis and Greg Jennings join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss Titans safety Kevin Byard calling out Tom Brady ahead of their playoff game.

[NO AUDIO] - It's like he doesn't know who he's playing. And he doesn't even recognize the situation. The Patriots got a little internal friction going on. Leave Brady alone. Why poke the bear? On a scale of 1 to 10, I would call this a 9 and 1/2 or a 10 in terms of stupidity. You know this man is driven. You know he looks for motivation anywhere he can get it because when you've got five Super Bowl rings it's hard. Why give him any. It's crazy and I guarantee we're going to see an insane, obsessed Tom Brady. He will have words with this dude at some point in the fourth quarter and he'll point to the score board and say, now what?

- My take away is Brady doesn't know his name. He thinks of them as number 31 on tape. But if you ask Tom Brady who Kevin Barrett is he'd be like, I don't know who you're talking about. It will have no meaning. He doesn't know his name. Now Brady knew Ed Reed and he knew Troy.

JASON WHITLOCK: And those guys are smart enough not to open their mouth and handle it on the field.

- You think this will tic Brady off?

- Yes. He looks for this. He's on the hunt constantly. Somebody say my name? You didn't watch the wire, but he's like Marlo, my name was in the streets. He's going to do something about it.

RAY LEWIS: You all need to stop this. They need to stop this.

- This is foolish because he's talking about Tom Brady. But I love it. I absolutely 100 percent--

- Absolutely! Thank you. Wow!

- And the reason why I like it--

- Y'all better stop.

- Because when you think about this Tennessee Titans team. What do they have to lose? You talked about it, they shouldn't be in the playoffs. They're the worst team in the play-offs.


- They have absolutely nothing to lose and when he was asked about this he said, I mean, this when I go home. So I don't care who you is, I don't care who he playing. I'm trying to make them look like Blake--

RAY LEWIS: Easy to talk that--

- --Bortles. It is easy to talk. But he has to say something. You can't just surrender just because--

COLIN COWHERD: Were you talking trash before playoff--

RAY LEWIS: A young lion ain't walking across that Serengeti quiet. He roared, I'm on my way. What else are you going to do? The ball still-- The game still has to be played. What do you want?

COLIN COWHERD: Did you talk trash?

- Absolutely. When we was younger and when we were winning. Yeah. I mean-- So was he supposed to say, man, this is going to be hard. We're going to play the greatest quarterback of all time. I mean, this is going to be impossible to go up and win this playoff game. He simply said-- And I said this yesterday. I said, now, you said what you said. Yesterday was Thursday when I said this. Now today is Friday, if you ain't clicking on that button to watching film to beat that one, that's one of the greatest science masters you can ever play against. So he can talk all he want to talk, but now he still got to sit down and understand. Brady is going to find your greatest weakness, that's what makes him so dominant.


- Yeah.

- You said, either on camera or just on stage, a total story about a running back that let your name fall up out of his mouth. And you cracked his--

- It didn't end well, but that's my job.


COLIN COWHERD: Who was it?

RAY LEWIS: It was-- That's my-- awe, man.


You all better stop this, man. Rashard Mendenhall.

- Yes.

- Don't you do this. That's a totally different conversation. This is what he said, this is what he said. He said, a reporter asked him, what do you think about Ray Lewis? He said, well, I've seen him on film and I'm not impressed. Really.

GREG JENNINGS: Hey, that was his feelings.

- That was--

GREG JENNINGS: What you expect him to say?

JASON WHITLOCK: But what did Ray do to--


What if Ray took him out?

- I did not take that man out. I did my job. I have a job.

JASON WHITLOCK: You broke his sternum.

- When a running back fills the hole, I have a free run to say, I don't think that's going to happen today.

GREG JENNINGS: And I don't think either-- I don't think either one of us is saying that Tom Brady won't attack them.


- --And take advantage of it. And make sure that he let him know that you don't ever disrespect me like that. Yeah, he may do it, But if I'm Kevin Barr, if I'm on that Titans team, I got to step up now. Now if he comes in this game and he makes plays, they still lose, we're still going to say, well, I mean, he did something.

RAY LEWIS: I made a statement, 1993 at the University of Miami. I started my first game as a freshman against Colorado Buffaloes. I had 19 ties, Rashaam Salam, Cornelius Stewart, Michael Johnson, Charles Westbrook, all these guys. Christian Fauria, all these guys, [INAUDIBLE].

I go out there, Keith Jackson raving. And after the game, I say a statement that I may be the greatest Hurricane to ever walk up out of here. And I was-- This guy is cocky, he's this, he's that. Michael Irvin called me and said, that's Hurricane football. All I'm saying to KB Byard, if you're going to do it, back it up. If you're going to do it, study enough. Because the person you're going up there to play, he heard it. He heard it. Just like you told me, when Rashard Mendenhall told me, I put that same article in my locker. OK. We got to play the game. We'll see.

GREG JENNINGS: I mean, you got him a little bit.

- No. He put him out.


- Of did my job. I got kids, man. I'm not a mean guy.

- Yes, you are.

- Listen. I think again, Brady's teetering. There's stats that are saying he's slowing down his last five games this year. There was a little friction in the locker room, he and Belichick and all this other-- I just think this is a mistake. They've handed Brady something, some extra motivation that he will use. And I'm expecting Tom Brady to have a classic game. Thirteen and 1/2, they don't have enough points to cover--

GREG JENNINGS: Titans about to shock the world.

- --What New England is going to do.

- You know what, Titans' going to shock the world. You know, to hell with it. You all go ahead.