Former Patriot Jimmy Garoppolo stands to make a bunch of money if New England wins the Super Bowl this year

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Colin Cowherd and Danny Kanell talk Jimmy Garoppolo and his potential big payday if his former team wins another Super Bowl this season.

DANNY KANELL: Colin, do you think Jimmy G is actually rooting for Brady?

COLIN COWHERD: Absolutely. He just moved to the most expensive place in the country, San Francisco.

DANNY KANELL: He hasn't made that check yet.

COLIN COWHERD: That buys him a couple cars. Yeah I mean, and also I don't know how close Brady and Garoppolo were, but he doesn't seem like a chippy kid, right?

DANNY KANELL: No. Here's what I think he hopes. I think he hopes the Patriots win, and it's despite Brady's performance. Like it'd make them feel a little bit better if Brady has three picks in the Super Bowl, and somehow there's a pick six that goes the other way. Because then he can celebrate and he gets paid.

COLIN COWHERD: Question-- Brady grew up a Niners fan. Will Brady root for Garoppolo in San Francisco?

DANNY KANELL: Heck no No chance he's rooting for Garoppolo.


DANNY KANELL: He wants to be the best ever and he doesn't want to get anybody come any close to his amount of titles.