Do Michigan fans have unreasonable expectations of Jim Harbaugh?

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Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock welcome in Joel Klatt and Jason McIntyre to talk Michigan Wolverines and coach Jim Harbaugh.

- Do Michigan fans have unreasonable expectations for highly compensated Jim Harbaugh.

- I just want to put into the record, Michigan State got to play in the sun while Michigan played in the rain last Saturday. It's an unfair advantage. No I don't think they have unreasonable expectations. They want him to be competitive against his rivals. That's what he's hired to do, win Big 10 titles, beat Michigan State and Ohio State regularly. That's not an unreasonable expectation. What's been unreasonable is the pedestal that Joel Clad, Colin Cowherd, and Jason McIntyre have put Jim Harbaugh on. That's been unreasonable.

- So 31 games, I just want to show you a graph about Jim Harbaugh. By the way, took over a messy situation in it a conference that's now as good as any conference. Oh, what do you know, way up there. What do you make of it, Clat?

- Listen, Jim Harbaugh is one of the best coaches that we've got in the sport, pro or college. And I think for those like Whitlock, who want to tear Jim Harbaugh down, all you have to do is scratch the surface a little bit, just a little bit. And you'll see that the data supports everything that those of us say, that this guy is a great coach. First of all, at Michigan, he took a team that was winning games on average by eight points, and now it's 19. So that's a plus 11 margin in the point differential.

He took a team that was out-gaining teams by 43 yards, and now they out-gain them by 144 yards. That's a plus 100 yards difference. It's substantial how much better they are than what they were in the four years previous. 31 and 20 in those four years. Oh, and by the way, you said, Whitlock, just now, that they needed to be more competitive in those rivalry games.

Well, did you know that in the four previous seasons, they lost four games to Michigan State and Ohio State by over seven points, by seven points or more. That that's not competitive. The guy has come in and done an amazing job. And let's not forget, one of those wins that Brady Hoke had against Ohio State, was a Lou Fickle. That's the truth. Those are the facts. Those are the facts, you can't dispute those.

- Let's start with the facts.

- Jason, you know fan is short for fanatic. Tell me the last time you met a reasonable fan of any team.

- Never.

- Their lives are unreasonable. These people live on the internet. These dopes go on their message boards with their maze and blue glasses. These unreasonable fans, do they want to go back to the days of Rich Rod? Do they want to go back to the days of Brady Hoke?

Where they were irrelevant, and nobody talked about them ever, and they didn't win big games. Jim Harbaugh has this team at the top of the sport in terms of popularity right now and where they are in recruiting. He's doing an amazing job. You can't not--

- How many division one programs are there? Like 125.

- 129, I believe.

- OK, let's just say Alabama and Clemson have separated, he's in the next group of 12 teams with Wisconsin, Washington, USC, Oklahoma, Penn State.

- And they weren't in that group before.

- Oh, god, they were in the bottom 60. They were a mess.

- Think about the guy's track record. San Diego was a non-factor. He goes there, they're a perennial conference title contender. He goes to Stanford, they're one and 11. By the time he's done, they're 12 and one, winning an Orange Bowl.

He goes to the San Francisco 49ers, three straight NFC championship games, five yards away from winning the Super Bowl with Colin Kaepernick. Goes to Michigan, they're 31 and 20 in the four years previous, they're 24 and seven. I mean, you can go on, and on, and on. The guy is a phenomenal coach. I don't understand why people take shots at him. I really don't.

- You don't like-- you say he's been hoisted on a pedestal. First of all, Michigan football, when they get a great coach, gets talked about a lot. It's Michigan-- by the way, when Tennessee hires a John Gruden, they're going to be our topic on our show like twice a week. So part of it it's Michigan, part of it he's a great coach, part of it is they're winning more. And part of it is there's a little shtick with it. He goes to pro wrestling. I mean, Harbaugh's got some shtick.

- Listen, I just want to-- allegedly, I'm trashing Jim Harbaugh.

- Oh, yeah.

- I have not. All I've just said is let's take him off Mt. Rushmore, let's make him earn it. The people that have been trashed by Clat, Cowherd, and McIntyre, in this conversation, Luke Fickell, Brady Hoke, Rich Rodriguez, anybody else you can think of. That's You all are trashing people. I listened to you on your radio show today.

- Hold on, time out, time out. You're saying I'm trashing someone, or am I talking legitimately about someone's record?

- You belittled Luke Fickell.

- And you know what, and the fact of the matter is, Jason, the fact of the matter is, is that that was one of the worst seasons in Ohio State football history.

- That's the facts.

- Are you missing my point, Joel.

- No I'm not.

- I've trashed no one.

- I'm not trashing Luke Fickell. I'm saying when he was in charge of the program, they weren't nearly the program that we're talking about now.

- He was good with Tressel, bad with Fickell, great with Urban. He was a bad coach.

- This man this morning went so far in his trashing, my head nearly exploded in my car. You went after Bo Schembechler. You started out, he had two and eight in the Rose Bowl.

- It was.

- The man won 13 Big 10 championships in 21 seasons.

- He had to win one game against one well-funded program.

- Big 10 championships, that's what they want from Jim Harbaugh. They want him to win the Big 10 conference. That's not an unreasonable expectation.

- When Bo was coaching, Wisconsin was a dumpster fire.

- Now we're doing to trash Bo Schembechler.

- Wisconsin was a--

- Who won't you trash in support of Jim Harbaugh?

- Hey, you're the only one trashing Jim Harbaugh.

- Jim Harbaugh, I haven't trashed you.