Colin thinks NBA’s fine of the Lakers was a shot at Magic Johnson

Jason Whitlock, Greg Jennings and Jason McIntyre join Colin Cowherd to discuss the NBA's decision to fine the Lakers.

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- Did they deserve harsher punishment?

- No, they deserve no punishment. This is a fine that they wanted to give to Magic on Jimmy Kimmel, but he's a friend of an icon for the league, and so let's give it to the newbie agent, and say he made calls. Yeah, and a GM made calls to agents. That's what they do every day. He was just an agent. This is the league's media markets petrified of Magic's influence with--

JASON WHITLOCK: He broke the rules.

- Oh, there's no rules.

JASON WHITLOCK: He broke the rules.

- Wall Street guys have lunch every day. Is that insider trading?

JASON WHITLOCK: Well, Wall Street guys almost brought this country to its end, and you're defending them breaking the rules? You've got to have rules and laws in this country. The man-- Pelinka should have been suspended. They should have lost a draft pick. You must have law and order.

COLIN COWHERD: Should have just locked him up.


- Hey, I'm glad you--

- Realize--

- Indiana guy here.

- Listen. They investigated this for two months.

- Yeah.

- Phone calls, emails-- that's all they found. One improper call. Come on.

COLIN COWHERD: From an agent to an agent.

- Yeah.

JASON WHITLOCK: Did you just not hear Pelinka fall on his sword--

COLIN COWHERD: Yeah, for--

- --and admit his crimes?

- Why did he do it? Because he knows-- this is media markets petrified of Magic and petrified of the Lakers brand. They're in Adam Silver's ear. Did you see him on cable? Did you see him on-- so instead of burning Magic, the icon, they burn Pelinka.

GREG JENNINGS: Look, this is a slap on the wrist on the Lakers to let the league know, and the rest of the NBA know, that-- look, guys. We're watching you still. This still is an issue. We know you do it all the time, but we're going slap you on the wrist to make you aware that we're still going to [INAUDIBLE].

PANELIST: That's a great point. Remember, Greg, Giannis in Milwaukee is going to be the guy that everybody wants. Anthony Davis in New Orleans-- every team wants these guys. You know they're already putting out feelers. This is a message to the big markets. Slow your roll.

JASON WHITLOCK: So what's the matter with that?

- Don't be so obvious. They don't need to do that.

- The penalty was for an agent-- a former agent--

JASON WHITLOCK: Who's a general manager.

- --calling an agent.

- I told this man before the show. You know what that's like? That's like a single guy getting married, and then calling one of his ex-girlfriends. Oh, I thought I could do that. No, you can't. You took the job to be general manager. You're no longer an agent. You can't just call people.

COLIN COWHERD: You don't get fined 500 grand for doing that.


PANELIST: You get divorced.

JASON WHITLOCK: You better check with your wife tonight.


- How do you think we get deals done?

- You take half.

- How do you think we get deals done the moment free agency breaks? Because they've been talking the whole time.

- 12:01 AM.

- I saw Paul George at that fight with Conor McGregor. I regret not telling him to go to LA now.

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