LeBron James on fans burning Isaiah Thomas jerseys: ‘This is getting ridiculous’

Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock, Eric Davis and Jason McIntyre react to LeBron James' rant directed to fans burning jerseys of newly-acquired PG Isaiah Thomas.

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- You read those tweets as him not taking it well. I read those tweets as LeBron is fired up. He's caping up for Isaiah Thomas, he's putting out all these videos of him working out. He's planning on shocking the world and actually elevating his play one more time.

I think, I love his mind set based off the rant, and based off of him showing some excitement and enthusiasm and some affinity for Isaiah Thomas. I think this is an indicator, just like I tried to argue yesterday, that LeBron James kind of likes this trade. They did better than he anticipated. They got that draft pick, which they can flip for another piece. I think Lebron's all in on this season.

- I think it's the first year in like 12 that LeBron is not the talking point of the league. And I mean--

- What are we talking about right now?

- No. It's the Warriors league, and now the Celtics are more interesting. And the Lakers are going to steal--

- More interesting than who?

- LeBron. You don't think the Celtics are more interesting than that old, beat up--

- Did he just average a triple double in the finals? I'm--

- Cool. By the way, we know exactly what Cleveland is. We're going to watch this Boston franchise explode. Lonzo Ball, the Warriors, Cleveland's like, OK. LeBron and Derrick Rose, and old guys. You think that's fascinating?

- You did two hours on your radio show today.

- Russell Westbrook and Paul George are more interesting. Next year, you'll watch more OKC game than Cavs games.

- Nope.

- I bet you will.

- No way.

- You won't? You won't watch Paul George and Westbrook?

- It's Lebron James, man.

- I've seen him for 12--

- He's been to seven straight finals. He's all we ever talk about ever. It's LeBron James.

- And he's happy right now.

- Yes.

- You worry about his mindset. He's happy. Guess what? He won again. There was someone disgruntled that did want to play with them that was under contract, a really good player, that the organization could have said, you know what, you guys shake hands, kiss, hug. You've got to play together because we got a shot. Instead, they moved him out. Got a pretty good deal for it. Looking at when everyone knew what was going on, I think he's happy.

I'm with you on that one. You see, he's already saying hey, leave my boy alone. Do you guys understand? He's with me now. I think he's OK moving forward because he is LeBron James. So your team is automatically OK when you have him on.

- Colin, this guy is a billionaire at his whim. He's got a city hanging on every tweet every, Instagram video. People are deciphering the music in his Instagram videos. What does it mean? Is this a message? What's he going to do? I don't know where you're coming from on this one.

- I want to play a game. OK. You have to be honest. You're tired.

- I struggle with that.

- OK. So these are remotes, TV remotes. This remote is Paul George, Russell Westbrook, first game next year. This remote is Kyrie rejuvenating the Celtics. This remote watching Derrick Rose and LeBron.

- I'm watching Derrick. I'm watching LeBron James and Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder. I'm watching that.

- Yes. And anyone else they had.

- You know what, this game -- Go back to that--

- I'll tell you why. No, because this one's going into the finals. Those aren't.

- But Colin, don't forget the NBA changed the schedule this year so LeBron would play in games. They're giving teams more rest so LeBron is playing 78,80 games.

- Aren't you tired of the LeBron-Cavs story?

- Oh my Gosh, it is incredible.

- I'm a LeBron fan. I'm over it. I know what they are, old, can't defend. You really, Jay Crowder's got you crazy.

- Aren't you tired of Gisele Bundchen, Tom? Aren't you tired of that? Don't you want to move on to somebody not as good as her?

- By the way, you want to know he works out so hard? Sometimes he gets tired of her goes to the facility.

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