Nick Swisher demonstrates Anthony Rizzo’s questionable slide in Pittsburgh

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Nick Swisher joins Dontrelle Willis and Kevin Burkhardt to discuss Nick Swisher's questionable slide against Pittsburgh.

- Just take me from the baseball etiquette perspective. Was that clean, or was that dirty?

- OK. So I'm going to show you-- I'm actually going to get down here and show you what I think is the difference between an illegal slide and a dirty slide.


- Because you'll read the rule later. OK. Any time you get in trouble as a slide when your spikes start to elevate. That's when it is considered a dirty slot. Correct, Train?

- Uh-huh.

- When Rizzo came into the plate, whether he deviated from his line or not, he came across with a hook, right? So he just kind of hooked his back foot. You can see it in this picture right now. He kind of came here, like this. Right?

- Right.

- That's not a dirty slide. It could be considered an illegal slide. But not a dirty slide. Coming from a father-- like my father, Steve Swisher was a major league catcher for 10 years, right? The thing that I looked at that play when I saw Diaz, when that throw came from short, he did not clear himself--

- Right.

- Far enough from the plate to get out of trouble. This is the major league. Man, there are grown men running around out here.

- Coming downhill.

- So I feel like in a situation like that, Diaz could have helped it out a little bit more. Because as a base runner and coming up in the game, you're always taught to get the catcher's back leg, right?

- OK, so you don't think it's dirty. Before we get to the rule, how about you? If that's your catcher, what do you think about that?

- In the locker room, that's dirty. For one reason. He's got down late. So the intention was to devi-- make him deviate that throw. He hit his leg. And again, it's Diaz. If it's Posey, people would have been-- or Molina, they would have been irate.

- Of course.

- So that's the problem I have with it. Now, yes, I do agree with you, Swish, he should have cleared himself a little more so he can not only get out of the way but put more on a throw.

- Of course.

- Get that double up.

- Of course.

- But in this situation, if you can't do that at second base, how come you can do that at home plate? It's the same type of rule. Same type of play. You're trying to break up a double play and a defenseless infielder. So it's a tough play.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: Well, that's the bottom line.

- I'm going to protect my guy. Rizzo, I'm sorry. I love Rizzo. I'm knocking him down the next day if I'm pitching. To send a message, not only in their locker room but in my locker room, that I'm going to defend my guy regardless of what the rule is.

- But I think that's fair. And I-- look, I think we all know Anthony Rizzo is one of the good guys in the league.

- He plays hard.

- He's not trying to hurt him. He's trying to break up a double play.

- Of course.

- But the bottom line is they blew the call. Because if we take a look at the rule, the rule is plain and simple. And this is a matter of second base, home plate, whatever. Here it is, rule 6.01. If a runner does not engage in a bona fide slide and initiates contact with a fielder for the purpose of breaking up a double play, he should be called for interference.

Clearly that's what Anthony Rizzo did. That should have absolutely been interference, been a double play. And that's it. They blew it.

- That's why it's an illegal slide. It's not a dirty slide.

- Right.

- He's not trying to hurt him.

- Right.

- So bottom line--

- He's just trying to help his team.

- You're OK with the effort there trying make a little play.

- I'm OK with it. I'm OK with it.

- He should have been called a double play.

- It's a Draymond Green--

- And you would have drilled him the next day.

- It's a Draymond Green type of play. We love Rizzo, but he's the Draymond Green of their locker room. Right? He's going to be the enforcer. He's going to send a message. I love the play. And again, if I'm on the Cubs side, I like that. Because it end up scoring runs for them. But if I'm in the Pittsburgh side, I'm coming right here, Swishee Swish. I'm going to send a message that you don't do that ever again to my guy.

- Well, guess what? They play tomorrow. We'll check it out.

- Also Diaz too it talking about new school. We live in the new-school era. There's a difference between when Rizzo came up and now when Diaz comes up.

- It's a different game.

- It's totally different.

- That's the rule. That's the bottom line.