Nick Wright believes the comparisons among Baker Mayfield, John Elway and Brett Favre are legitimate

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Nick Wright talks about Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns on today's show. Nick reacts to Ravens DC's comparisons of Baker Mayfield to John Elway and Brett Favre. Hear what Nick Wright thinks about the comparisons.

- I got some pushback from a buddy of mine recently because he even made fun of me. Because it's been six quarters, and I went on television and I called Baker Mayfield a star. And I said he's a star right now and he's going to be a star. And my rebuttal was show me at one point he wasn't. Show me at one point in Baker Mayfield's even young adult football life that he did not exceed all expectations and that he did not walk on the field as the best guy out there, or at least believing credibly he was the best guy out there.

It was-- he's a three-time Heisman Trophy finalist. I bring it up all the time, but I think it matters. He broke his own record on college football efficiency, and he took over a Browns offense that was restricted, that seemed to be just scuttling along with Tyrod Taylor, and they score 42 points in his first start-- granted, against a bad Raiders defense.

Like I just-- I think these comparisons are legitimate. I do think Baker Mayfield is one of the sure things in the league right now. Now he's got a tough test, and that Ravens defense is very good and they have Jimmy Smith coming back after his suspension. So it's a very tough test this week and a very important game for Cleveland.