Chris Canty explains why the Jaguars Week 5 matchup is the first big test for Patrick Mahomes, K.C.’s offense

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Chris Canty joins Cris Carter and Nick Wright to talk NFL. Chris explains why Jacksonville Jaguars Week 5 matchup is the first big test for Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs offense.

- Well, I think he's going to need to show all the skill sets that he's shown to this point in the season through the first four weeks. I mean, you've seen the accuracy and velocity on display. He reminds you of Marino, that throw that he had to Travis Kelce up the seam in the first quarter against the Steelers game, putting it on the back shoulder of your tight end, keeping him away from the safety. That's a big time throw.

When we saw on Monday night, being able to improvise, being able to throw the ball with his left hand, because he couldn't square his shoulders and throw it with his right when Von Miller was chasing him, rolling out to his left. Or how about on second and 30, being able to throw that 23-yard pass to the Demarcus Robinson? Those are those off-schedule plays that we see from Aaron Rodgers.

So when you start talking about those quarterbacks and comparing them, you can actually point to specific plays and see those attributes on display. So Pat Mahomes is going to have to bring a lot of that against this Jacksonville Jaguars defense, because they get after it like no other defense will. To me, personnel-wise, the best defense in the National Football League. They're the number one scoring defense in the National Football League. So this is going to be the first big test for that Kansas City Chiefs offense.