Nick Wright and Eric Mangini wonder if there’s too much hype around Mahomes

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Eric Mangini joins Cris Carter and Nick Wright to talk Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes. Hear what they have to say about all the hype surrounding Mahomes.

ERIC MANGINI: [INAUDIBLE] machine is painful, watching this guy, Showtime. And every single throw he made, it's like, that's the most incredible throw I've ever seen in my life. And remember Deshaun Watson? The five games before he got hurt, he threw 18 touchdowns, too. Like there's a-- the things are going to start catching up. Kansas City was 5 and 0 last year. Let's just slow this down.

NICK WRIGHT: OK, so listen, Coach, you've made it clear that it's not possible to impress you in a four game sample. We know that. We knew it wasn't a three game sample. Now it's not a four game sample. But the Deshaun Watson comparison--

ERIC MANGINI: No, it's not possible for me to put someone in the Hall of Fame in a four game sample.

NICK WRIGHT: Again, but like similar to last week, that's a straw, man. No one's putting him in the Hall of Fame. I didn't come to-- the Showtime nickname notwithstanding, and that one, I don't think, is going to stick. But the Deshaun Watson comparison, what the difference is-- and this is something I know matters to you-- Deshaun Watson, while his electric stretch last year, was, I think, second in the league behind only Kizer in interception rate. He was turning the ball over a ton, but overcoming it. It has to matter he hasn't turned the ball over, that he-- I mean, that he's now second most touchdown passes through four weeks in NFL history.

CRIS CARTER: Yeah. But coach has too many years-- and we do this to every player-- it would be, you're telling us to skip one of the processes that we always have for every player. Last year we had the conversation about Deshaun Watson. It was the same conversation. Yes, he was turning the ball over. But we're always looking for what they do, can they regulate that, and now that NFL teams, do they make the adjustment?

It's the way we evaluate all players. And we're not going to change it for Patty Mahomes, Showtime or whatever all these other nicknames. That is the way that you determine, can this guy play in the league or is he going to be a guy that's going to have a good half a season, a season, three or four years? I think that that's fair. And Coach and I, our eye is trained the same way. And that's the way we're going to evaluate the players.

ERIC MANGINI: And look, I am excited about the fact that he was able to, in a tight game, stay resilient, show positive [INAUDIBLE]. To me, everything is trending in the right direction. It's just, you always want to slow it down a little bit. And I do think Denver gave a framework for other defenses moving forward.