Nick Wright questions how a struggling Steph Curry impacts the Golden State Warriors

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Looking ahead to Game 3 of the 2018 NBA Western Conference Finals between Golden State and Houston, Nick Wright reveals to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe how the Warriors are impacted if Steph Curry continues to struggle against the Rockets' defense.

- The Warriors transform from historical juggernaut to championship contender if Steph Curry goes from league MVP level player to good starting point guard. Like that's the one to one transformation. And I mean, Steph Curry is going to average less than 20 points a game in this series. Think, yeah, they can get got. Like, to me, there's-- that's-- there's no question about that. They don't have enough offense, other than Steph, to be an overwhelming favorite if he's average, or if he's, not Steph Curry average, but NBA point guard average. They could win still, because Durant and Klay and Draymond can be that good.

JENNA WOLFE: They won game one.

- They won-- exactly right. And so they obviously could still win, but-- yeah, I mean, at no point, when I've done the math on the Warriors the last few years, have I baked into it, well, what if Steph isn't good? Steph's always good. Like I know he's had some bad moments in the NBA finals, but even those, when you look at him-- I mean, he's still average 20 plus points, he's still usually shoots a decent percentage. Like Steph Curry's career playoff-- when people say he struggles, see, his career playoff numbers are almost identical to Kobe's career playoff numbers, and nobody ever said Kobe was struggling. It's just he didn't-- hasn't had those 45 points, 11 three pointer NBA finals games, and now the start of the Western Conference's been subpar for him.

- Yeah, of the final other three teams that are left, Steph can't struggle against the Rockets. He could struggle against Boston. They could still beat Boston. He could struggle against the Cavs. They would still beat the Cavs.

It's the-- Houston have been the best team in the NBA, and because of the players they added last year and what they are doing, the style for which they are playing. No, he can't afford to play bad. And we've seen that in game number one, where Durant went off, Steph struggled. They were able to win. But Houston played awful.

And we saw in game two, now, Houston played spectacular, Durant was spectacular, but the difference in this game was-- especially without Klay, because now you-- we only have the question about Steph, it's can they afford to both their guards not to play well? And that's no, because if Steph had played the way he did, and Klay had played the normal play game, they might have won game number two, or we wouldn't be having this question.

So they have the ability that one of his star players can help cover for the other player, but for me, it's just like when Steph was out of the line up. I told you their offensive doesn't run. Steph is their primary ball handler. And what he does to the defense, when he's making shots at 27 to 30 feet, and how you're less apt to switch off on him. We saw the center, Nene, guarding out on the perimeter. He'll keep doing things like that if Steph keeps shooting like this.

And his inability to be able to get his other teammates open, because he's unconscious.


- When Steph is unconscious, watch the defense, how they pick him up right across half court.


- And it opens up the rest of the court for his teammates.