Nick Wright reveals why it’s ‘inexcusable’ the Philadelphia 76ers lost to the Boston Celtics in 5 games

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In his reaction to Philadelphia losing to Boston in game 5 to close out the series, Nick Wright reveals why it's 'inexcusable' that the 76ers were not able to make the 2018 Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Celtics more of a competitive series, knowing the offensive firepower Philly has in Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

- On the Philadelphia side, it is inexcusable the series is over after five games. I know they're young. I know it's a great story. I know that they were one of the best stories in the process.

They were over-under for wins this season. They exceeded that by about 10. There's a lot of good stories for the Philadelphia 76ers. But the reality is this series should still be going on. Philadelphia could have won this series four to one themselves.

There were two games that were decisive victories-- game one by Boston, game four by Philly. Every other game in this series not only came down to the end games two three, and five, but Philadelphia had multiple points in each of those games where they were a better than 9 out of 10 win probability.

A 22 point lead in game two after they lose game one. Up four with a minute left in overtime in game three. Last night, up two with 90 seconds left in the game.

To go over three in that spot is disastrous. I said, going into this series, C.C. said something I thought was interesting, which is if Boston wins, the process has been delayed. I went as far as to say, I cannot see a path to victory for the Celtics that doesn't involve a significant injury to a Philadelphia 76er, most notably Embiid or Simmons.

The Sixers were fully healthy in this series. And they got out executed and finished the game in, game out. And that's problematic for them.

- Well, I just don't think-- the problem I have is when you say, well, this is a young Sixers team. And they're just getting used to the spotlight, and they're just getting used to going deep into the playoffs. Because without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, like this is a young Celtics team who don't have the experience in the playoffs, who weren't used to going into the postseason, who did win on the road.

They had all the same things afflicting them that the Sixers had. So my question to you then, C.C., becomes how much of what happened to the Sixers falls on those two guys, on Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid?

- Well, some of it is on them because in critical situations, Joel and B couldn't get a big bucket in the end. And last night's game, he's got the ball at point blank range, he can't finish it off. You're supposed to be in that situation, Joel Embiid, you're supposed to be able to get a bucket. They went to him in isolation, they didn't double team him.

And he's within two feet of the bucket, and he can't get in. The reason why it's still a skill thing. He's still a young player. He still doesn't have any left hand. One thing about LeBron what makes him special, when he's at the rim-- not his the ability to get to the rim-- but at the rim, he can finish with his right or his left hand.

Ben Simmons can not shoot. it's not exaggeration, he cannot shoot outside of five feet. So what did Brad Stephens do? He puts bigger guys on him, they lay off of him. And that if he tries to get to the rim, all those shots are contested in very tough shots. So they have major holes in their game, those two players, that they have to be able to fill those holes.

And that's what I think will happen this summer. But the reason why I believe the process is still working and didn't really take a big step backwards even though they have Kyrie coming is because Markelle Fultz, I believe his athleticism. Philly does not have a point guard.

Ben Simmons is not a point guard. I'm willing to debate that conversation with other people. He doesn't have the mindset for a point guard. He can't shoot like a point guard. He doesn't have the temperament as far as taking care of the ball like a point guard.

So I believe Fultz when he comes back and he has that dynamic athlete at point guard to be able to negate some of the things that Kyrie Irving can do-- and also on the offensive standpoint, Boston don't have anyone that can guard him. So I like a point guard for the 76ers. And one other veteran in free agency, I believe the process will be on schedule.

- You seem more bullish on Fultz than the Sixers did. The Sixers refused to play him.

- They didn't play him.

- He got healthy. He got able to play at the end of the regular season, and they felt like we were better off with not only Simmons but T.J. McConnell, with anyone that they would put in the game.

- No, that 's right now. We're talking about moving forward, moving forward. All right, there's a reason why he was the first player in the draft. And he showed signs of that. When you get in a series like this where his jump shot is still suspect, no, you give him the whole offseason and next year. That's what I'm talking.