Former NBA Champion Antoine Walker explains what went wrong for the 76ers in Gm 1 against Celtics

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Joining Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe in studio on First Things First to discuss the 2018 Eastern Conference Playoffs, former NBA Champion Antoine Walker explains what went wrong for the Philadelphia 76ers in game one of round two against the Boston Celtics.

- Well, first at the 3-point line. I mean, that you're going to put the Celtics on making 17 3s. They make 17 3s that obviously dominate from the 3-point line. But then the effort and energy that they played with last night was second to none. Looked like a team that just played a seven game series. They looked fresh, ready to go, from playing basketball.

Don't want to make excuses for Philly, because Boston played so well, but when you sit for six days and you don't play, you got a young group that's never been in this position before, don't understand the magnitude of a second round of the playoffs, they got smacked in the face.

- And I understand the layoff part, and if you're Philly, you're playing the best basketball collectively that you've ever played. It's not just since Christmas, it was the 20 out of 21 that you mentioned. But the flip side to that is, Boston just had to play a grueling seven game series.

And in the seventh game of that series, the guy who played the best for them in that series, other than maybe Al Horford, Jaylen Brown, hurts himself and he's out for game 1. So I understand the layoff's not ideal, I get all of that. But this is a game that Philly I think is going to look back on and say, we got out schemed. Yes, absolutely, Boston hit shots, we didn't hit shots.

But some of that, the reason that they didn't hit shots was, the scheme Boston put out there. That we're not going to double Joel Embiid. We're going to, you know what? If Joel Embiid gets his 30 points, we're going to deal with it, what we're not going to do is help off the shooters. What we're not going to do is allow you to do what we saw them do to Miami in two of those games, which is just rain 3-pointers on them and win the game that way.

Like I thought Boston, of course, they executed well. Rozier was outstanding, as was Horford, as was Jayson Tatum. We saw again, Marcus Smart give you those intangible energy plays. But they went into this game with an ideal game plan that's going to cause I would think, Brett Brown, to have to adjust some things going into game 2

- I don't think it's scheme. I think they will adjust. The coach said after the game that they didn't execute their game plan. Joel Embiid said at the press conference, man, we were prepared, but we didn't do what we were supposed to do. Let me tell you what's not scheme.

Ben Simmons having more turnovers than field goals. All right? Now that's not scheme. You know what that is? That's a young guy who had a lot of time off and coming into the intensity of the Boston Arena, man, they weren't ready for that. Question for you, I have two questions.

The role players in Boston, I told them since I've been watching NBA, 40 years, the role players have always played great at home in Boston with that crowd. You've been in really competitive series with Boston, in Boston. Explain some of that energy that the role players, what they get, and some of the same thing you got late in your career when you were in Miami. I was a season ticket holder there. What does that mean for role players and the energy they get from the crowd?

- It's second to none. I mean, that's what role players do. They play well at home. They got their family, they got their friends. The fans are cheering for the loose ball, dive on the floor, you don't necessarily have to make a bucket. So it's especially in Boston, because you got real true sports fans that understand the nuances of the game, the hard work that goes into it.

Marcus Smart can be a legend in Boston because of how hard he plays. And all the intangible things he's done. I remember playing with a guy watching McCarty, energy guy. They loved him in Boston. But the one thing that the Celtics that Terry Rozier, those guys, they got to understand that Philly is a young team. They were not prepared. And they got a lot of open shots. That will change.

- A lot.

- This will change in game 2. I'm a Boston guy, I love, love the Celtics, that's my old team. I look at is as my second home. But Philly will win this in 5.

- Oh, in 5?

- Yeah, they will get this done.

- Wow.

- They will get this done in 5. I just think this was a wake up call for them. They're more talented. They can shoot the 3 ball. They don't have to hit the 3s to win. You can't give Joel Embiid 30 points and think you're going to win.

- Right.

- You're not, you're not, he's not going to lose too many games like that. And they're not going to shoot as bad as they did from the 3-point line the way they did. I think Boston's too hurt. Jaylen Brown, when he does come back, is not going to be 100%. I don't think they have enough. I mean, they made shots last night, they fed off the energy from game 7.

I think now Philly has two days to prepare and they're going to make the proper adjustments. And Boston can't win in Philly. Philly's one of those places like Boston. They're just very tough to play. The fans are going to be on you. And they play great in that building. They remind me, they're starting to get that crowd like Golden State had a couple of years ago, where it was just an intimidating place to play. So I like Philly to win the next four games.