Cris Carter on Kevin Durant: He didn’t have a legacy before he went to Golden State

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Joined by Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter explains why he doesn't fault Kevin Durant for abandoning the Oklahoma City Thunder to join Curry, Klay and Draymond because KD wasn't building a true legacy in OKC. Do you agree with Cris that KD had no legacy prior to joining the Warriors?

- All the players in the top 10 as far as NBA ranking all-time, every one of them, you can poke holes in their resume. Every one of them, you can poke holes in what their legacy is. But for me, before Kevin Durant went there, he didn't have no legacy.

He wasn't going to be no winner. He was going to get ready to score a lot of points, a lot like Melo, score a lot of points, be a phenomenal scorer, but not a champion. And your legacy changes when you are a champion. So without the move to Golden State, well say, man he might not have won a championship. So when you don't have a championship, you're already down a couple of tiers of the greatest players ever.

To me, you also have to judge him on the time for which he played. We are-- it's the time of the super team. Kevin Durant was a free agent. He lived out his obligation to OKC. He don't have to stay there to prove himself for a legacy standpoint to me.

It's about, man, how do I get better? And going to Golden State, it made him a better player. I could care less if he was playing with people who couldn't see out there. Being the best in the NBA, and I think that his relationship with LeBron and the things that he said, he gets a lot of validation from LeBron, who's one of his best friends.

Kevin is a phenomenal player. People do gasp when he gets the ball. Yes, the thing that Kevin didn't mention was, I ain't got no problem with what you do on the court. The only issue I had was the stuff that he did off the court that seemed petty. It seemed immature. It seemed not becoming of one the greatest players ever. He left that part out.

So I have no problem with him going to Golden State. Yes, you might give him criticism. But he's got to do what's best for his career. And to me, he didn't have a legacy until he went to Golden State and was able to win a championship and win the MVP in the final.