Cris Carter unveils what James Harden and Chris Paul must do for Houston to continue their success

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Cris Carter unveils what James Harden and Chris Paul must do for the Houston Rockets to continue their success in the postseason. Do you agree with Cris?

- Most of the time your reputation is based on what your record is. If you look at D'Antoni, what's his record? That means his reputation would be worthy then of his record. If you look at Harden, what has been his record, then I believe then his reputation, as far as he can't finish in the postseason--

Back to Chris Paul, it's a little tricky. Because he's played well, but he's also been hurt. He's been on teams that have underachieved. So the best player typically is gonna get that burden or that responsibility.

So my thing is-- James Harden, he's the MVP of the NBA right now. He must play like an MVP in the postseason for them to continue this. I'm not gonna put as much pressure on the coach. But what's going on with Chris Paul and Harden-- they must play well. Harden must play well, and Chris Paul must be healthy.

If he's healthy and Harden does his end, I believe, yes, they can continue this. But there are real questions coming down the stretch. Will they keep this same style? Once you get into the playoffs where you can't get up and down, it becomes more half-court.

Joe Johnson, who they just added, how much of an asset is he coming down? Or is he like the black hole, the black hole in the-- once he gets the ball, the ball stops moving? Him and the coach do have history, but does he make them better?

But if they don't win, the coach, Harden-- the MVP-- and Chris Paul-- a Hall of Fame player-- they will be blamed on their lack of postseason success.